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Love Your Travel? The News is all GOOD

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

As you know SHI Symbol International has teamed up with The Top Travel Club for fabulous savings and special offers that save you $$$ each and every time you travel. Click HERE to see how you can save today.

Not only that, but there is also a generous program in place to help any charity/cause/project that needs assistance with fundraising. Contact jan@shisymbol.com to see how we can help you.


Yes, there’s more – very very shortly, we will be able to announce another extra special amazing travel and shopping offer that SHI Symbol will provide to all SHI Symbol purchasers.

So whether you’re Single or in a relationship, planning that holiday to Australia, the US, Europe or any of the points in between and if you love going on a shopping spree – watch this space for how you can take advantage of this super duper deal soon to be launched.


Traveling Light – and you didn’t think it possible…

I love the NY Times for a number of reasons, most of all for it’s practical and real world info. This article shows how Heather Poole, a flight attendant based out of Los Angeles,  packs her carry-on luggage for a ten-day (YES – YOU READ IT RIGHT – 10 DAYS!) warm weather vacation in a slideshow on their site.

These days with the airlines deciding to get you to pay extra for everything from checking in a bag to blowing your nose (no, sorry just got carried away here – but give them time, I’m sure they’ll find a way!) she saves money by not incurring additional costs paying for a checked bag and time by not having to wait in baggage claim for her bag (always supposing it turns up that is – sorry, there I go again!). Back to the topic which is REALLY GOOD – just bear with my weird sense of humor. I definitely learned a few tips like rolling everything very tightly together and toiletries go on top.

So, my Single friends, when next you trip off on your next vacation, check this out…

Here’s what Heather packs in her suitcase:

packing Carry On bag - rolled up clothes - NY Times

packing Carry On bag - rolled up clothes - NY Times

  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 3 pairs of dress pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 3 pairs of casual pants or jeans
  • 3 nightgowns
  • 3 bathing suits
  • 1 sarong
  • 3 lightweight sweaters
  • 4 dresses
  • 10 casual shirts
  • 6 dress shirts
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • a clutch
  • toiletries

On the day of travel, she wears the third pair of shoes and one of the sweaters and jeans. Click here to view her impressive, yet simple process.

The only query I have is – Is there a weight limit on Carry-On Bags? I thought there was but maybe it differs from country to country. Anyone know?

packed bag ready to close without sitting on it! - NY Times

packed bag ready to close without sitting on it! - NY Times

A couple of  last things – from me this time – Wear a jacket and pants with loads of pockets onto the plane. Make sure you have a fold up plastic bag or similar in one of them or even in the side compartment of your Carry – on. Why? WE don’t get weighed going on the plane (not yet anyway!). Put in any extras you want to have on your vacation that you can’t fit in your Carry-on in your assorted pockets etc and Bob’s Your Uncle, you’ll have it with you.  As soon as you get ON the plane – you can empty out your pockets into the spare bag and be comfortable for your flight.

Let’s face it we are all different weights, yet every adult pays the same  for their ticket for A seat (granted there are discount fares), so you might as well see what you can do.

7 Tips for Single Travelers

Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler

I love traveling and frequently I ended up traveling alone for different reasons. Most often friends were either already in a relationship and it was not on their agenda to travel at that time, or they hadn’t managed to save enough to be able to get away. Traveling as a Single had it’s moments, but also gave me a lot of flexibility. If you’re Single and contemplating traveling alone – go for it, just follow your instinct and you should not get into any trouble. Otherwise, you could wait and wait and watch the world go by

This guest post is provided by Tom Tessin.  Tom runs FindAirlineCards, an airline credit cards based website helping those earn many airline miles for free travel!

Traveling alone can be a scary thing, but exciting at the same time.  If you’re planning a trip in the future, or maybe you’re getting ready to go on one, I wanted to give you some great tips that you can use in order to stay safe on your solo adventures.  As long as you use your head and play it smart, you should be okay.

#1 Try to limit your cash: If you’re going somewhere where you can use your credit cards, bring them.  If you lose your credit cards, write down the numbers in a safe place so that you can cancel them.  That way, if someone decides to steal your wallet, they really aren’t going to get much!

#2 Know what you’re going to do:  It’s always best to have a schedule.  Where are you going to go, as well as what are you going to do?  Are you going to join up any groups?  Are you going to go alone?  Make sure that you’re going to familiar with the area before you do anything.

#3 How safe is the hotel area?  With the Internet, you can get loads of information.  What you’re going to want to do is check out your hotel area.  Generally, the higher the star rating is, the better the area is going to be.  See what other people have to say about it, as well as check out some pictures online.

#4 Stay in crowds:  When checking out the scenery and landmarks, try to stay around crowds.  If you start going off the path, this is where it can cause some trouble.  As long as there are always people around, you should be okay.

#5 Stay in at night: There really shouldn’t be a reason to go out at night.  If you can avoid going out at night, try to stay in your hotel room.  If you can, try and eat your dinners before hand to avoid any sorts of trouble.

#6 Always carry a cell phone:  Cell phones come in handy.  If you ever feel that you’re in need, call for help.  If you don’t have a cell phone, consider borrowing one from a family member or friend.  This could help you out tremendously.

#7 Watch who you talk with:  Of course there are always going to be those people that try to take advantage of you.   Watch who you talk with and never accept an invite if invited somewhere you don’t feel comfortable.

Always trust your gut.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, don’t do it!  You can still have fun while traveling single, but just make sure that you play it smart, as well as use your head.

Ed: And what’s your must have accessory you just have to take with you – your SHI Symbol of course. It’s your key to stylishly and subtly meeting other like minded people.

SHI Symbol for Singles around the world

SHI Symbol for Singles around the world

Travel Options for the GLBT Community

SHI Symbol features all sorts of travel opportunities in the Emag. We’ve been asked in particular for information relating to travel options for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities. Thanks to Sarah Harris for this informative post.

What do you want out of your travel experience?  Are you looking for all inclusive?  A cruise?  Alone or with others?  Are you specifically looking for a gay vacation?  Do you just want to know what some gay friendly options are?

Here are several sites that can get you started:
Check out “Camp” Camp, a summer camp for GLBT adults!  Operating since 1997, it’s that sleep-away camp experience from your childhood.  With sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and evening social events, this camp in Maine is a great alternative vacation option.  With cabins like you remember, but food you don’t (there are chefs not lunch ladies) you’ll find all kinds of things to do, friends to make, and fun to be had.  Truly, this is a community and friend making experience.

·   Purple Roofs is a great travel planning tool.  A GLBT travel directory, it can clue you into destinations all over the world.  The listings are either gay-owned or gay friendly.  Did you ever want to see a particular country?  This is your chance to know you’re going to have a gay friendly experience when you do.

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian  communities

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian

·      Alyson Adventures is a leading the way in creating adventure travel and active vacations for the gay community.  In business since 1995, they create unique adventure tours for the GLBT community as well as their friends and family.  They have destinations wide flung over the world such as France, Australia, Vietnam – even Antarctica.   Their philosophy: “to enhance travel for gay men, lesbians and friends with an emphasis on activities, small groups and expanding the experience by getting closer to the environment.”

·     Lesbians can enjoy great cruise, resort, and luxury vacations at Olivia. Olivia Companies originally started as a women’s record label back in 1973.  The company has evolved into a leader in lesbian travel.  The San Francisco based company offers cruise, resort, ecotour, and luxury vacations.  They charter whole ships, resorts, and tours – from small gatherings to cruises of 2000 women.  With a strong online presence, they have created a great community of women around the world.

· RSVP Vacations, the originator of the gay and lesbian cruise concept, has been around since 1985.  The new idea at that time was to provide a safe, tailor-made vacation for gays and lesbians.  With cruises to international locations, over 35,000 travelers have enjoyed their destinations.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go; you can probably find fantastic GLBT friendly destination, tour, cruise, adventure, vacation… You name it and you’re on your way.  Check these sites out, do a little research, and you’ll have the best vacation you’ve ever had.  Bon Voyage!

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager for Adiamor, a diamond jewelry website. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.

And please, if you have a favorite GLBT travel company, do please let us know where it is, what they specialise in eg adventure travel, romantic interludes etc and why it is your favorite. SHI Symbol would love to pass the word on for everyone’s sake.

Last Singles eMag for 2009 – read it here…

Once again it’s the end of the year – time to reflect on everything we have done and everything we would like to do in 2010 whether you’re Single or not!

For all you guys and girls who haven’t as yet had the opportunity to read the SHI Symbol eMag –this is our very last one for 2009. Please enjoy the features on travel, relationships, finance, beauty, wine and much much more.  And of course, we’d love your feedback too.

SHI Symbol International eMag Dec-front-cover300
SHI Symbol International eMag Dec-front-cover300

And to subscribe to the SHI Symbol FREE monthly emag go to www.shisymbol.com/newsletter.php – You won’t be disappointed.

Charities set to benefit with brilliant Travel/SHI Symbol fundraiser

This is your ideal way to REALLY fundraise while you reap some of the rewards at the same time

This is your ideal way to REALLY fundraise while you reap some of the rewards at the same time

Travel is certainly something close to everyone’s hearts. And I’m going by  the amount of traffic to this blog whenever I have something related to travel!

Now, imagine if you could combine your love of travel with SHI Symbol and being able to REALLY give back to your favorite cause, charity or project. If you have someone or some organisation who could definitely do with extra funds we have a way that will be just perfect for you. And I promise you  it’s nothing to do with cake stalls, selling chocolates, lamington drives and lapathons!

I will post something on this blog shortly that will make it just the easiest way to raise money for that special need or your special charity. In the meantime, please just let me know (via the blog here or the website) of the people, charities, projects, fundraising needs you might like to see helped. We are finalising arrangements to make this happen now.

thanks so much – Jan

Are you someone who travels? You need this…

Do you like saving money?

You should already know that when you identify yourself as an ‘interested single’ with the purchase of your SHI Symbol jewelry, you can receive FREE membership in a Travel Club valued at $99 with the added benefits for your whole family. Details on SHI Symbol website http://www.shisymbol.com.au/whatson-info.php?eid=162

Now SHI Symbol can also offer you savings of up to 40% off Travel Insurance for anywhere in the world. You must be a member of theTopTravelClub but you can become a member easily with your SHI Symbol jewelry purchase. Full details on our website.

Adventure Travel - get your Travel Insurance savings with SHI Symbol

Adventure Travel - get your Travel Insurance savings with SHI Symbol

And don’t forget to look at the other scenarios for how to save a lot of money on travel and insurance on the SHI Symbol website.

And remember – you CAN purchase a piece of SHI Symbol jewelry and still reap the rewards for travel vouchers and travel insurance even if you’re not Single. The SHI Symbol item doesn’t have to be for yourself. You could give it away to a friend who is Single, or someone who is going backpacking and is single or that friend who is a sole parent with children – yes, they’re a Single too, and you could keep your travel concessions and travel insurance deals for you.

Relax with SHI Symbol and TheTopTravelClub amazing deals for Singles

Relax with SHI Symbol and TheTopTravelClub amazing deals for Singles