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Split Personality Tour – Christopher Leyva/Taylor Brown

Singer-Songwriters Embark on Ten Nation Tour

Tour to be Filmed for Documentary, New Music Released

chris levya taylor brown world tour

Chris Levya and Taylor Brown World Tour

Teaming two up and coming singer-songwriters, San Diego based Christopher Leyva and Montana’s Taylor Brown, the Split Personality tour will take in ten countries in nine months, with multiple cities in each. Opening in Scotland on August 8 and ending in April 2011 with a run of shows in Japan, the tour will also stop in to England, France, Sweden, Mexico, Finland, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Australia and the U.S. ( NY,CH,LV,LA and more)

A true collaboration, Leyva and Brown will team up in performance with Brown playing his own material and providing backing for both perfomers with live lead electric guitar ,piano and live loops of drums and accompaniements – no prerecorded tracks.   

Fans will be able to follow the duo’s exploits via a daily web blog, with a film maker on hand to document the journey from start to finish. Two albums will be released to coincide with this tour. Leyva’s “Black and Gold” his third solo effort, available at all the usual places online and in stores, is an ambitious double album, featuring a disc of pop material and a second disc of instrumentals. Leyva and Brown will also release a limited edition covers album, with songs from Ryan Adams, Oasis, Beatles, Leonard Cohen,Michael jackson and many more, available exclusively at their shows.

Though classified as singer songwriters, due to the occasional sighting of an acoustic guitar, what Brown and Leyva create is classic pop and rock, recast for the modern era. If you like music that’s strong on hooks and melodies, guitars and voices plus mixes with the new world of edgy electronics, The Split Personality tour should not be missed.

And, of course you’d love to know more so please visit:

http://www.blackcherrygroup.com/worldtour/world tour


New Zealand Blues Singer – Miss Poppy’s story

The fabulous Miss Poppy has popped up all over the place in the last 20 years. With the ancestry of her Tribal home in the Whangaruru area of New Zealand still very much at heart, Miss Poppy has sung and entertained her way around New Zealand and Australia, thrilling thousands of Blues, Gospel and Classical music devotees, winning the first WA Blues Singer Award. From the North Island of New Zealand to Perth, the Australian Katoomba, Lithgow, Parramatta, Blacktown, Sydney, Leura regions and all points in between Miss Poppy has sung her way into people’s hearts, before finally returning to Perth.

Miss Poppy’s story is interesting, inspiring and a remarkable tale of courage in the face of major hurdles. After recovering from a Stroke, and bad management, Miss Poppy found Perth to be her solace with a well earned rest from the hectic music business.

For now, Miss Poppy has embarked on another career with the assistance of the Belmont Enterprise Centre and the Textile, Footwear and Clothing  organisation. Miss Poppy has again seen success with the recent launch of her own clothing line called, what else of course, but Miss Poppy Designs! Her first showing was for a line of corporate suits with Tribal designs under her brand new label of Joe Henry – named after her late brother, Joe Henry Wells.

Miss Poppy plans to take her new Fashion label back to New Zealand to assist with the micro industry in the Whangaruru area. Her particular focus will be on the Afro-American theme.

At a recent TCF function where SHI Symbol showed their latest range of merchandise, Miss Poppy was so taken with what SHI Symbol means and how much freedom it afforded her to chat with others, she wanted one for herself, but to wear with her Tribal symbol. This way, not only do other Singles see she is Single, Happy and Interested, but is also a proud member of the Whangaruru community. “It gives me the freedom to strike up a conversation with others wearing the symbol in a more sincere and non-threatening, caring way  Having a SHI Symbol gives people alternative opportunities for them to get together which is great for me because I’m not so keen on Internet Dating – all the romance seems to have been taken out of it.  explained Miss Poppy.

Miss Poppy still entertains us at various events, generally in conjunction with the BEC. So, if you’d like to once again see Miss Poppy ‘in action’, watch this space and we’ll let you know when the next function is on.

Singer and Fashion Designer Miss Poppy with her SHI Symbol and Tribal Pendant

Singer and Fashion Designer Miss Poppy with her SHI Symbol and Tribal Pendant