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Fresh New Look Blog coming your way

Well it had to happen sooner or later – well in my case Later!

You are about to see a brand new BLOG SITE – Yes all of your favorite content will be there, just in a much more eye appealing style and with another WordPress theme. As we speak a little Blog Site Guru – aka Andrew is busy working away to tweak it into shape. This time next week (I think it will be in 24 hours, but hey nothing ever works the way it should with computers so I’m giving it a week!) you will be looking at the new you beaut SHI Symbol International BLOG.

new beginning sunriseYou don’t need to do anything except spread the word about the blog. You will still find us the same way you did before. It is just the ‘style’ that is a changing!


Help Please – Fashion, Beauty, Dating, Love, Relationships, Competitions – Your Say

Are you Single? Looking for a relationship? Like dating? Love fashion? Enjoy beauty treatments? Want help with you finances? Enjoy competitions and giveaways… The list could go on…

Well, SHI Symbol needs your input on what YOU would like to see changed, added or deleted from the SHI Symbol International Emag – AND you can WIN big time.


SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

Peruse it, note your likes, dislikes and any suggestions. Then:

Please send Comments to this blog or send email Jan at SHI Symbol and we will try to incorporate your suggestions.

NOW WAIT FOR IT – EVERYONE who responds will receive a FREE Global travel club membership valued at $99 from thetoptravelclub.com – just perfect for you and your family to use on your next holiday or even business trip.

Note: If you would like to view OTHER SHI Symbol Emags – just go to the SHI SYmbol Website and click on Emags at top of page. By the way, it’s FREE to subscribe and receive them!

Social Media, Singles and slipping behind…

I came across this wonderful video clip courtesy of my UK friend Adria Bannocks.

This video clip appears to give us the cold hard facts on Social Media – embrace it or slip behind is the message loud and clear. SHI Symbol International is a company that is definitely embracing it and working with other like minded businesses and individuals to further expand our horizons and reach YOU – yes YOU – the Singles of the World so that you can meet your match more easily. And yet I was blown away by the take up rates for everything from Ipod downloads to the reliability of Wikipedia!

So a synopsis:

Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. This video is produced by the author of Socialnomics.

View here:

If you’re in business – ignore at your peril.

Do you agree with this video?

What is your preferred social media avenue and why?

I’d be interested to know your thoughts from the perspective of another  business or as a ‘Single’ engaging in Social Media avenues.

Business marketing in the 21st Century – a must watch Video Clip on the Social Media Revolution – short and sweet – facts and figures – removes all doubt!

Listen in Friday 24th April – Blog Talk Radio with Dangerous Lee

AskDangerousLee on Blog Talk Radio

AskDangerousLee on Blog Talk Radio

You’ve got to listen in to Dangerous Lee’s show at 8pm (EST) Friday 24th April on Blog Talk Radio. Why? Because SHI Symbol International’s Jan Pagonis is going to hit the airwaves and chat with Dangerous Lee about how to solve some of the problems Singles are faced with when trying to meet other like minded Singles.  Get ready for a lively session with Humor Advice Columnist, Author, Artist and Actress Dangerous Lee.

You can of course leave your questions or comments for Dangerous Lee and she will play the best of them live on the air.

I’d love your input and support, so make it a date and time and we’ll catch up on Blog Talk Radio.

If you’re Single, dating, looking for a partner, or just comfortable celebrating your Singledom, this show is for you.

Click on this link  http://www.askdangerouslee.com/ to listen live to the show where we let everyone know more about the hottest, trendiest, coolest, most fashionable thing out there for Singles RIGHT NOW.