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Love Your Travel? The News is all GOOD

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

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Marketing love

marketing loveA friend recently called me and asked me the dreaded question, how to wade back into the dating waters. He had been married for about 7 years, maybe more, maybe less, I don’t keep track of things like that.

I told him I would get back to him, because I am often torn between being completely honest and trying to be nice. See, he is a swell guy, a good person, who has a good job, a decent house and seems like his addictions are almost all legal substances, coffee, wine with a meal and the occasional beer.

In my mind, I could answer his question by just saying, you know, get out there, do the dance, the basics that we all have been doing since caveman days. Go to bars, go to clubs, go to baseball games, libraries, take a class. Meet someone in the natural food section of his local supermarket. Simple really, but then if that was the case, he would probably not be asking me for advice.

So I called him back, and said the following, “loose 25 pounds and stop complaining.”

I think he hung up, but later, in an email he claimed it was a dropped call.

People respond differently when I throw a round of honesty at them. My take on his dilemma and many others is this, dating is a competitive process and if you want to meet someone great, you have to shine your greatness up before taking it out for a spin.

See, my friend really is a nice guy, a great catch. But over the course of his long term relationship, he spent more time having swell dinners and a lot less time working out, riding a bike, walking around the park and generally wondering if his weight gain could be hazardous to his health.

I know, I know, it’s so shallow the judge a book by its cover. Then again, I am often in airports and looking for something to read, I almost always judge the books by their covers. The same is true in the dating world. If you really want to attract a beautiful bird, you might want to make sure you have the elements that attract a birds attention. It is so hard to amplify your personality, show off your amazing intellect or somehow show people that you are great in bed, all the while walking down the street, grabbing a beer at a bar, I could go on.

When I was able to reconnect with my friend with DCS – drop call syndrome, I told him what I am telling you. It is a fun filled world out there, but so many of us, and yes, I do include my shallow self in this assessment, rely on physical attraction long before we wonder about things like “I wonder if this person speaks my language” or “does this person have a job?”

I explained that while I believed he was a good friend and that I thought anyone who dated him would certainly agree, getting someone to date him would take work.

I know it is shallow, but on many levels, we end up marketing ourselves in the dating world much like companies market new products. It is not enough to just build a better mousetrap, companies have to find creative ways to explain why you need a better mousetrap. In dating land we dress better, clean our homes, shower and clean up. My advice to my friend was, think of dating as you would any sort of first time meeting, say, a job interview. You have one time to set the table, to impress and also show that beneath the clothes and hair and clean shaved skin, there is a real person who experiences joy and heartbreak, who loves and feels emotions, who can converse on a wide range of subjects with intelligence and humor, but before you can get to your depth, you have to get past the shallow part, the animalistic attraction.

Matt Bertles is an Award winning Journalist, filmmaker and guest blogger for SHI Symbol today. You can find out more at www.mergatroidfilms.com

Set the Mood for that Special Someone

Strawberry seduction

A gourmet meal.  Candlelight.  Barry White singing in the background.  Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, it never hurts to add a little romance into the mix.  So if you’re planning a special date or celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other holiday, you need to figure out how to set the mood for your partner.  But you don’t want to be a one-trick pony or rely on the tired fallbacks that have been used in so many rom-coms, so bring your romantic evening into the 21st century with a modern twist on the classic recipe for setting the mood (by hitting all the senses).Set the mood - aphrodisiacs-oysters

  1. Taste.  Prepare a number of interesting and enticing foods to get your partner in the mood for love (try to include a few known aphrodisiacs like oysters, champagne, chocolate, or strawberries).  Just make sure they don’t have any food allergies beforehand…nothing kills the mood faster than a sudden case of hives.  Then heighten the sensation by blindfolding your partner and feeding them by hand (think 9 ½ Weeks, but without the milk).
  2. Sight.  Candles are classic, but they’re also a fire hazard.  Instead, buy a couple of dim bulbs in a rosy hue, which will make any skin tone more attractive.  Or go space age with a chromotherapy lighting system that will filter through a range of colors meant to balance the chakras and calm the soul (stick to orange to stimulate emotions and sexuality, green to target love, and blue to fuel physical and spiritual communication).
  3. Sound.  Forget the standards your parents favored (Sinatra, Kenny G) and go for something unique that your partner will love.  If you want to keep things on the DL, you can’t go wrong with a little Jack Johnson (Sleep Through the Static is particularly mellow), but if you decide to change it up, try a little Brazilian bossa nova for some south-of-the-border spice (look for Nara Leão on iTunes or Amazon).
  4. AromatherapySmell.  A great way to revamp the classic sponge-bath is with the introduction of aromatherapy.  So add a little essential oil to the tub to heighten your partner’s senses and leave their skin silky smooth.  Just check on what different scents will do for you.  You might try soothing rose, stress-relieving lavender, or relaxing jasmine (also said to be an aphrodisiac).
  5. Touch.  You can’t go wrong with massage (which everyone loves), but if you want to try something different, take a class in acupressure or Reiki (the ancient art of using hand positioning to heal and balance the chakras) to make your partner’s body tingle.  I don’t recommend acupuncture as it requires years of training to master and most people are afraid of needles.

It’s not hard to make your partner’s night if you put a little time and effort into the preparations.  And the best way to get them in the mood is to stimulate all five senses throughout the evening.  By paying attention to what they like and going out of your way to plan an evening of passion, you can bring their romantic fantasies to life and hopefully, convince them to return the favor.

Kyle Mentz is a communications coordinator for Alluminare where you can find a large assortment of home lighting options.

Four Ways to Reduce Stress

Single and stress free - it's possible

Single and stress free - it's possible

Being single isn’t simple. In fact, singleness can be a leading factor to your stress levels which come from a mental instability. It’s difficult to figure out who is single and who is straight. The SHI Symbol relieves a lot of the stress for you, but there are other simple ways that you can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your first date.

Stress is not always as negative as it is purported to be. In fact, it can frequently be the catalyst that gets us going and provides us with the energy and motivation to accomplish our goals. However, if it is allowed to gain too much of a footing in our lives, stress can have dangerous physical and psychological consequences. With this in mind, here are four of the most effective ways to relieve stress. They won’t eliminate it altogether, but a little stress isn’t such a bad thing.

Method 1.” Exercise. You’ve heard people talk about endorphins. They are naturally occurring opiates, chemicals secreted in your brain which make you feel good. By getting your body moving, you can not only enhance your level of physical fitness, but you can lower your inner tensions as well.

Method 2.” Meditate. Remember those endorphins we talked about? Running a marathon isn’t the only way to nudge your brain into producing them. Scientific studies have suggested that an on-going practice of quiet contemplation or inner focus will lower your blood pressure and lighten your psychic burden. Some forms of meditation encourage you to clear your mind, while others promote focus on a particular concept or mantra word as a way to find inner peace. Regardless of the specific discipline, however, meditation, as well as its more physical counterpart yoga, might be the solution to your overabundance of stress.

Method 3. Write it down. Sometimes, our inner tensions build up to such an extent that they become distorted. We may not even know what is bothering us anymore. Journaling can be a terrific way to reconnect with yourself. Set up a realistic daily writing schedule and stick to it. During the specified time frame, sit down and write whatever comes into your head. Do not proofread or self-edit. When you’re stumped for something to say, just write gibberish. The key to this exercise is that, in a few weeks, you will be able to look back on your handiwork. You’ll be amazed at everything that’s going on in your head. Now you’ll know what you’re dealing with, making it easier to take corrective steps to reduce your stress.

Method 4. Take action. Once you have recognized the source of your excessive stress, it’s time to confront it head-on. Take steps to heal that destructive personal or work relationship, for instance. Devise ways to get your job done more efficiently so you’re not always under the gun. If money is at the root of your stress, ask yourself what you can do to ease the pressure.

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Our lightning-fast, hyper-intense society creates stress at unsustainable levels for countless people. There are social workers, psychologists and clergy specially trained in helping you achieve the relief you seek. You don’t have to live with dangerously high stress for another minute.

Brought to you by Victoria, blogger for a www.ratelines.com and www.ratelines.com/money-market-rates website.

News for Singles – SHI Symbol Emag for May out now

Here’s your must have Emag if you’re a Single somewhere in the world. Great info and loads of competitions and special offers. What more could you want! In fact once you’ve read it, we’d love your feedback and if there’s something in particular you’d like to see featured we’ll see what we can do. – but you have to let us know!!!

Simply click on the SHI Symbol Emag front cover below or click here and you will be taken to the Emag straight away.

SHI Symbol International Emag - May 2010 edition
SHI Symbol International Emag – May 2010 edition



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Too easy.

There are Love Stories and then there are Love Stories…

Incredible, Unbelievable and any other description you care to come up with applies here.

Err - where's Turbo on this thing?

Err - where's Turbo on this thing?

You won't find this in a Mills & Boon

You won't find this in a Mills & Boon

Lovely teeth, beautiful condition, no I don't need to check the molars

Lovely teeth, beautiful condition, no I don't need to check the molars

You're feeling shy?

You're feeling shy?

Oh, you saw JAWS - yes, that was me!

Oh, you saw JAWS - yes, that was me!

Good boy! (What else could he say! What would you have said?)

Good boy! (What else could he say! What would you have said?)

I’d love to see what this guy has on his dating profile. I’m guessing it would read something like this:

Profession: Top Rate Dentist

About me: I like living on the edge and love outdoor adventures. I’m at one with nature. Looking for excitement in a relationship. Will travel the many seas to be with the one for me.

And yes, this did happen in Australia. And no, most of us stick to the normal everyday boring (but generally safe!) cats, dogs and some venture as far as guinea pigs and rabbits. job that’s all his…

 But there again, we are famous for the likes of Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin and Malcom Douglas, so there must be something in the water…

I’ve heard of the horse whisperer. This fellow must be the shark whisperer. It’s a job that’s all his!

Game, Set, Match!: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level


Meeting Your Match - what next?

Meeting Your Match - what next?

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone – maybe you DID find the man or woman of your dreams. Here are some very useful tips from SHI Symbol’s Guest Poster, Liberty Kontranowski  as you start to get to know one another a bit more…

Congratulations – it’s finally happened – after proudly proclaiming you’re single, happy and interested, you’ve found that perfect match.

Now the real fun begins. As you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level, there are some important matters to consider. Here are four quick tips for making the transition from a couple of singles to a couple of lovebirds as painless and easy-going as possible.

  • Take your time – There’s no rush here. Getting to know someone takes time and yes, it takes work. Be prepared to be patient – some people are hard to loosen up, especially in those oh-so-cautious early days of a new relationship. Go into your budding romance with your eyes wide open (though it goes without saying they’ll be somewhat blinded by that heart-thumping potential new-love phenomenon) and consider whether this is a person you want to share your time – and possibly the rest of your life – with. If the answer is “Heck, yeah!” then keep reading. If not, put your SHISymbol back on and give it another go!
  • Put it all out there – Okay, so maybe you won’t share everything (do you really need to explain your irrational fear of hamsters from the get-go? Probably not.), but there are plenty of things you’ll want to lay on the table early on. What are your values? What kind of work do you do? What are your goals? What would make you most happy in life? Exploring these topics with a potential mate can draw you closer and make your bond even more intimate.
  • And speaking of intimacy…One of the best benefits of going from friends to lovers is hitting the sheets. However, it’s incredibly important to be very frank with each other about your sexual past. You’ll want to discuss any STDs you may have and ask your partner to do the same. If unsure, undergo testing to screen for diseases and seek medical treatment if necessary. If erectile dysfunction is an issue, there are plenty of safe and effective options, including online pharmacies where you can buy Cialis and other personal ED medications from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  • Enjoy the process – There’s no denying that being single is sometimes easier than being part of a couple. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of belonging that a committed relationship brings, and soon all your hard work to strengthen your bond will prove completely worthwhile. Working through any issues as soon as they crop up is key as are the core elements of honesty, trust, passion and fun. Remember to value each other and listen more than you talk. 

It’s such a great feeling to find “the one” and following these tips will set you on the path to ever-lasting happiness – right where you belong!

Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer and blogger with hundreds of articles published online and in print, covering everything from sexual health to parenting to beauty, fashion, entertainment and more. Liberty is currently developing articles for a safe online pharmacy Viamedic.com