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I’m Human First – What’s Hot – That’s So Gay Live and SHI Symbol

SHI Symbol Interview by Founder Jan Pagonis for That’s So Gay Live – I’m Human First

Nicole Peters our roving reporter in Australia reports on ‘What’s Hot’ in Australia.

This Video interview with Jan Pagonis, owner of SHISymbol International shows you just how fashion savvy the Aussies are and how Singles there are leading the world in how you can meet your match easily. whatever your sexual preference.

This report was compiled for US based http://www.thatssogaylive.com that is a resource and news site that streams video from different segments like, gay news, gay travel, romance and hot topics. All with a friendly gay twist.


Top Six Places to Meet Fun SHI Singles

If you’re SHI, chances are you’ve been trying to figure out a way to broaden your singles experience beyond just the bars and the clubs. Or maybe you’re a person who doesn’t even really like hanging around bars. Where do you go to meet new people? Honestly, bars and clubs aren’t the only places to meet new people. Single, Happy and Interested people can be found in all sorts of spots where you wouldn’t even thing of looking. They’re hidden in the most unlikely places. All that you have to do is look!

The Book Store

Who's SHI ?

Who's SHI ?

This is a great little nook where no one seems to think about looking for singles. There are few other places where you can find a huge group of very intelligent single people all in the same place. Best of all, meeting people in this venue is extremely easy. All that you have to do is peak over at the book that the person next to you is about to buy. If it’s something that you’re interested in, make a comment, and them *boom* you’ve just met a new person.

Your Thursday Evening Class

School is THE singles hookup. Take a class on a Tuesday or Thursday night, then take the SHI single you meet there out for a drink on Friday! Foreign language classes and music classes always seem to attract interesting people.

The Grocery Store

I can’t even begin to count the number of Single, Happy and Interested people I’ve met at the grocery store. You’ve just got to keep your eyes open and you’ll see that this place is a hotbed for singles action.

Your Exercise or Yoga Group

A Yoga group is a great place to meet new people.

a heck of a way to eyeball each other!

a heck of a way to eyeball each other!

I know this from personal experience. In fact, I met my current girlfriend at a yoga group. She was right in front of me stretching every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, and before long we hit it off and it became something beautiful. And this type of story is by no means uncommon.


Your Neighborhood Film Club

If you’re a film buff, this is a great way to meet people who share your interests. Almost every town has one of these, and I’ve met some of the coolest people when I’ve attended the one in my home town. A great film is always an excellent basis for conversation. At my club, we used to go out for drinks or coffee afterward and talk endlessly about our thoughts on whichever pretentious art film we’d decided to watch that week.


Now this may sound like a long shot (or a joke) but it’s not. If you’re religious, church is THE singles hookup. And thankfully, many churches in America are much more open than they used to be. So even if you are a part of the LGBT community, finding a great church where you can be spiritually enriched and meet some SHI singles at the same time is easier than ever.

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Golf icon Tiger considering SHI Symbol?

Golfing Legend Tiger ?considering SHI Symbol

Is Golfing Legend Tiger considering SHI Symbol

It’s amazing…I’ve heard that golfing legend Tiger Woods is considering a SHI Symbol from www.shisymbol.com as he may soon be Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others

SHI Symbol's Dog Tags for those who are Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others...

SHI Symbol's Dog Tags for those who are Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others...

…although given the recent reports, I didn’t think meeting people was his problem. If news reports are anything to go by he can get a hole in one any time.

But…we’re here to help!

Let’s wait for the next instalment.

Online Dating like Looking for that Needle in a Haystack

Love and those Single needles in haystacks

Love and those Single needles in haystacks

Just in case you wondered how many online dating sites you could access to find Mr or Mrs Right – I have the answer. Take a guess first.

Well, did you guess 1400? According to research firm Hitwise many singles find the way to seek out someone you might like to spend time with is to spread your bets by posting profiles on multiple sites. That does make sense in some ways, but that could account for some of the wasted time searching through guys or girls profiles that you’ve probably already searched through on another site!

Some multiple post online daters use different sites for different things. Eg for searching out long term prospects vs a quick fling.  Mary P White a Florida Personal Trainer says by using different online sites it just helps ‘maximise my chances‘, but agreed that it took so much longer to go through the 5 different sites she uses. Sometimes Mary is online for 3 hours a day!

I say: Mary, you’ve got too much time on your hands – you need to get OUT there and Meeting them, not just perusing those sites.

Other views on Singles posting profiles on more than one site are a bit conflicting with Relationship expert James Kelly suggesting people are “avoiding the reality of having to actually meet someone and find out for real if there is any chemistry.” While another view from Online Internet Dating Coach, Janice Roberts says ‘its OK to have a profile on up to about 4 sites as long as the goal is to try and meet at least 1 new prospect a week.

These days it seems we’re all short of time in our lives so by all means use the online dating sites to sniff out some likely connections, but don’t forget to get smell the roses along the way by simply seeing who might be crossing the road that could hold your interest. Or the girl in the Starbuck’s grabbing her coffee. Or the guy in the lift. Or the woman in the Dentist’s waiting room…

Is your SHI Symbol visible?

Intuition, Attraction and your Subconscious

Found this interesting article by Eric Gibson on the power of your subconscious, particularly relevant when you’re Single and  being attracted to someone. I’m a believer in listening to your intuition and going with gut feel, so this article hit a chord with me. Please enjoy and I’d love your input.

The Amazing Power of Subconscious Attraction

Attraction takes place on two levels. The first is
conscious and the second is subconscious attraction.

Conscious attraction involves being attracted to someone
based on their outward appearance (the way they dress, the
car they drive, the money they have etc.) Although
conscious attraction has its place, subconscious attraction
is a lot more powerful.

Have you ever felt drawn to someone and you don’t know why?
They may not dress well or have good manners. They might be
rude or arrogant. In spite of this, you just like them and
want to be with them. This is because you are attracted to
them on a subconscious level. This is a powerful form of
attraction and there is little that a person can do to
resist someone whom they are attracted to on a subconscious

Some people will say someone has the “X factor”. Many
popular figures in society such as rock stars and movie
stars possess this quality. A good example would be Brad
Pitt. Although he is very attractive on the outside, the
most attractive qualities he possesses are in his
subconscious. He exudes confidence and mystery. He commands
respect from men and women alike. You too can possess this
quality. It will take some time to develop, but will be
well worth it in the end.

In order to attract people subconsciously, you need to work
on your inner self. You need to improve your thoughts and
feelings about yourself towards the opposite sex. You need
to develop this aspect of yourself on a daily basis until
it penetrates every cell in your body.

A simple way of doing this is visualisation. Every night,
before you go to sleep, create a picture in your mind of
being an extremely attractive person. See yourself in
different types of encounters with the opposite sex. See
yourself as confident and sexy. Feel how good it is to be
irresistible to the opposite sex. This may seem hard at
first but it will eventually become a routine in your daily
life and take little effort on your part. After a few weeks
of doing this, you will notice the opposite sex finds you
attractive and they won’t know why.

You don’t have to worry about external factors like what
you say or how you dress when you have your inner game
sorted out. You will be able to attract the opposite sex
easily and your dating life will improve ten fold.

For many more fantastic articles on love and dating visit

Thank you Eric for your article

Jan at SHI Symbol International – the Universal Meeting People Tool

Connecting on New Year’s Eve

Have some fun!!!

Have some fun!!!

Sometime New Year’s Eve’s a blast, other times it can be a real fizzer. If you’re feeling in the fizzing mood but would really like to rock and roll into 2009 – get ready to party and meet a stack of new men and women.


Find out where the best events are on in the city, at the beach, your local park, a huge community centre, by the river or wherever it might be. All these places are sure bets to find loads of single men and women. That’s your 1st step.

Next – decide if you are going to go by yourself or take a friend or two along for moral support. But, hey – the idea is that on the night you will go out of your comfort zone, meet a few or maybe a lot of really nice men and women and just MEET NEW FRIENDS. If you end up seeing a few later on, or even having a nice date as a result, that’s great. It’s an exercise in breaking down those communication barriers at a time when most people are really happy to chat with everyone and anyone, so you’re already half way there!

3rd – decide on the venue you’re going to. My preference is a great outdoor event (NOTE: I’m writing this here on a 30deg C day, Mid Summer – if you’re in Mid Winter – do let me know what you end up getting up to apart from being knee deep in snow!). Why I like an outdoor event is there is no restriction on where I can wander, who I can sit or stand next to, I can seek more interesting company a little more easily is the way I view it. Also, a great vantage point can be found by meandering my way through the crowd – just in time to see the fireworks.

4thly – don’t forget to munch on those TicTacs just before midnight. You’re out to leave a lasting impression. There’ll be plenty of hugging and kissing going around and you certainly don’t want to share the garlic  breath from the chive and garlic dip you’ve been munching on!

Finally – have your exit strategy in place. Whether it be with new found friends to a coffee shop, nightclub or just a stroll amongst the revellers, or it could just be a relaxing wander home after a thoroughly enjoyable night meeting and talking to complete strangers who you may or may not decide to meet again. The choice is yours and it really is an easy night to go out and meet people.

THREE MUSTS for the night

Be prepared and take your own little ‘business cards’ with your name and contact details (even if it’s just your first name and email or mobile) that you’re comfortable to give out. It’s a lot easier to give this to someone than it is to find a pen and a piece of paper, somewhere to write easily and then give it to someone.

Second essential for the evening is of course your SHI Symbol – wear it either as your piece of jewellery like a pendant or earrings or just your T SHirt so that people can see you are simply Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others. It’s your communication tool that works for you 24/7 – it could just work for you when you’re waiting in line for that disappearing cab home!

Your 3rd essential – those TicTacs of course!

Txt 4 a D8? RU 4 redi 4 it?

Mobile Phone dating in actionIf you think dating methods have changed a lot recently – you’re not wrong. What with the online dating scene taking over the last 10 years, the advent of speed dating, of course SHI Symbol being the ultimate meeting people tool – well now you have text-messaging to find new dates and friends.

For the tech-savvy Singles amongst us, mobile/cell phone based services now have mobile dating services to help us meet new dates and friends via text messaging services. Programs help users find someone, anyone, basically strangers to exchange a text message with. And if you are really up with technology and have a GPS on your phone you can even find people close to you.

If you’re up for something new that is generally far cheaper than an online dating site service, this could be worth a try. On the other hand, I guess it would depend on how many text messages you sent to your new prospective date!

It’s been reported that Americans now send about 75 billion text messages a month and so it was a given that at some stage it would be exploited in such a way so to become a popular vehicle for conducting courtship.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Juniper Research projects the mobile dating industry will see US$1.4 billion in global revenue by 2013 from $330 million (US) in 2007. Currently it seems that in Japan mobile dating is already very popular and this is where the bulk of revenue is from at the moment.

So, Singles – if you’re good with words, and I mean really good with words – in a txt messaging fashion anyway – you’ve got a whole 160 characters to make an impression and keep the relationship or should that be intrigue going! So txt away and see where it gets you. What have you got to lose. I guess it’s no riskier to meet someone this way, than meeting someone you found on the net, or in a bar.

Next time you’re on the train getting to work, or buying your lunch or just generally waiting around – STOP WASTING TIME – strt 2 txt & find UR nu & nxt d8 hu jst myt B cloz 2 U 2!