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Love Your Travel? The News is all GOOD

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

As you know SHI Symbol International has teamed up with The Top Travel Club for fabulous savings and special offers that save you $$$ each and every time you travel. Click HERE to see how you can save today.

Not only that, but there is also a generous program in place to help any charity/cause/project that needs assistance with fundraising. Contact to see how we can help you.


Yes, there’s more – very very shortly, we will be able to announce another extra special amazing travel and shopping offer that SHI Symbol will provide to all SHI Symbol purchasers.

So whether you’re Single or in a relationship, planning that holiday to Australia, the US, Europe or any of the points in between and if you love going on a shopping spree – watch this space for how you can take advantage of this super duper deal soon to be launched.


Help Please – Fashion, Beauty, Dating, Love, Relationships, Competitions – Your Say

Are you Single? Looking for a relationship? Like dating? Love fashion? Enjoy beauty treatments? Want help with you finances? Enjoy competitions and giveaways… The list could go on…

Well, SHI Symbol needs your input on what YOU would like to see changed, added or deleted from the SHI Symbol International Emag – AND you can WIN big time.


SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

Peruse it, note your likes, dislikes and any suggestions. Then:

Please send Comments to this blog or send email Jan at SHI Symbol and we will try to incorporate your suggestions.

NOW WAIT FOR IT – EVERYONE who responds will receive a FREE Global travel club membership valued at $99 from – just perfect for you and your family to use on your next holiday or even business trip.

Note: If you would like to view OTHER SHI Symbol Emags – just go to the SHI SYmbol Website and click on Emags at top of page. By the way, it’s FREE to subscribe and receive them!

Brain Power – is yours hidden?

I love exercising and am seriously considering the Zumba craze, after all SHI Symbol’s even written about the ‘trend’ before it really became a trend. But, I love exercising my brain – in fact more so than my body these

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition


However, as

I’m also all for warding off

Alzheimer’s, engage in the odd puzzle or three, Scrabble and word games. Don’t know if you remember the segment in the July 2009 Emag on how to keep your brain fit, and increase your memory – well this is for you. And if you want to view that Emag issue just go to our website and click on Emags or click this jpg

Today I have a mind bender just for you. See if you can decipher this Cryptogram – basically it’s code writing. Anyone from Benchley Park a fan here?


If you’re after a clue: W = N

And if you need an incentive – first one to post the correct answer here on the SHI Symbol Blog wins a $99  membership for you and your family’s use.

Go to it!

Please spread the word on your FB, Twitter and other social networking sites – see how fast we can get a winner.

Fundraising and helping Charities in the UK

Just a bit of a sneak preview – SHI Symbol is very pleased to announce the beginning of a relationship to help raise much needed funds for those women afflicted by Endometriosis. Wonder woman, Adria Bannocks from the UK is the driving force behind trying to raise the profile of this charity in the UK and raise much needed funds to support their excellent work.

Adria Bannocks fundraising - view

Adria Bannocks Trash the Dress fundraising for Endometriosis UK

Adria has been initiated a number of exciting initiatives to start the ball rolling – one of which is Trash the Dress – a new look for your wedding dress and one that will raise money for the charity. And of course working with SHI Symbol to provide the opportunity to not just donate funds but receive a solid Sterling SHI Symbol Pendant PLUS a global Travel Club Membership, valid for you and your family to use.

For more details, please visit and you can read all about it and order your special fundraising package. GBP35 will go straight to Adria for supporting Endometriosis UK – and women across the UK will thank you.

Keep tuned for more on how SHI Symbol is helping Adria’s quest to support Endometriosis UK.

News for Singles – SHI Symbol Emag for May out now

Here’s your must have Emag if you’re a Single somewhere in the world. Great info and loads of competitions and special offers. What more could you want! In fact once you’ve read it, we’d love your feedback and if there’s something in particular you’d like to see featured we’ll see what we can do. – but you have to let us know!!!

Simply click on the SHI Symbol Emag front cover below or click here and you will be taken to the Emag straight away.

SHI Symbol International Emag - May 2010 edition
SHI Symbol International Emag – May 2010 edition



And please don’t forget to tell all your Facebook and Twitter friends about this Emag. It’s free to subscribe to, simply click and you’ll receive it in your inbox.

Too easy.

Sydney Mardi Gras – see you there?

Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras

One of those must do things – go to a Sydney Mardi Gras. It’s been going since 1978 and this year it runs from February 19th to March 6th (the big parade takes place Saturday the 27th of February).  

The theme for 2010 is historical moments in Mardi Gras history and it’s bound to be as exciting and even more fabulous than ever; Kelly Rowland is rumoured to be performing so with parties selling out fast this is your last opportunity to party at the Sydney Mardi Gras!  

Sydney Mardi Gras party time

Sydney Mardi Gras party time

Are you ready to party and dance the night away? I am. Have you got your tickets yet?  

I see that the official Mardi Gras airline is Virgin Blue. How appropriate! What are you waiting for! Book now and don’t forget to check out for super specials on all sorts of things from accommodation to tours that you can tap into also.  

SHI SYmbol guys

SHI Symbol guys

And remember with every Solid Sterling Silver SHI Symbol Pendant you receive a FREE Top Travel Club membership – a saving of $99 already! You can order your Heterosexual, Gay or Lesbian SHI Symbol pendant at  

SHI Symbol girls

SHI Symbol girls

See you at the Sydney Mardi Gras. 

Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual SHI Symbols

Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual SHI Symbols

November’s SHI Emag Scrubz World Over

Classy Emag with the latest in news for Singles. Regular and guest columnists cover diverse topics from Finance, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment plus much more. Coupled with loads of promotions and giveaways you won’t be disappointed. Please click here to view.

SHI Symbol November Emag Front Cover

SHI Symbol November Emag Front Cover - and click on link to view magazine

As usual, we’d love your input and feedback.

We want to make this YOUR magazine.