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Love Your Travel? The News is all GOOD

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

As you know SHI Symbol International has teamed up with The Top Travel Club for fabulous savings and special offers that save you $$$ each and every time you travel. Click HERE to see how you can save today.

Not only that, but there is also a generous program in place to help any charity/cause/project that needs assistance with fundraising. Contact to see how we can help you.


Yes, there’s more – very very shortly, we will be able to announce another extra special amazing travel and shopping offer that SHI Symbol will provide to all SHI Symbol purchasers.

So whether you’re Single or in a relationship, planning that holiday to Australia, the US, Europe or any of the points in between and if you love going on a shopping spree – watch this space for how you can take advantage of this super duper deal soon to be launched.


Coupons Galore – Save, Save, Save – watch this space…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Single or not, let’s face it we all like to grab a bargain.

Very shortly by simply being a reader of the SHI Symbol International blog you will be exposed to a wide range of coupons and vouchers  that can literally save you hundreds of dollars. If you like eating out, partying, traveling, enjoy the DIY stuff, must be dressed in the latest fashions, love to pamper yourself with spas, cosmetics and much much more – the lovely Ashley Walkup will provide us with all manner of coupons and specials where YOU can save.

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

Ashley has been doing this for a while with particularly helping Mums and kids  ( – now it’s our turn!

Please do let us know just what sort of savings you’d like to make, the shops, the products and see featured on this blog. Between us, we will find something to suit everyone’s desires I’m sure.