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Fresh New Look Blog coming your way

Well it had to happen sooner or later – well in my case Later!

You are about to see a brand new BLOG SITE – Yes all of your favorite content will be there, just in a much more eye appealing style and with another WordPress theme. As we speak a little Blog Site Guru – aka Andrew is busy working away to tweak it into shape. This time next week (I think it will be in 24 hours, but hey nothing ever works the way it should with computers so I’m giving it a week!) you will be looking at the new you beaut SHI Symbol International BLOG.

new beginning sunriseYou don’t need to do anything except spread the word about the blog. You will still find us the same way you did before. It is just the ‘style’ that is a changing!


Love Your Travel? The News is all GOOD

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

As you know SHI Symbol International has teamed up with The Top Travel Club for fabulous savings and special offers that save you $$$ each and every time you travel. Click HERE to see how you can save today.

Not only that, but there is also a generous program in place to help any charity/cause/project that needs assistance with fundraising. Contact to see how we can help you.


Yes, there’s more – very very shortly, we will be able to announce another extra special amazing travel and shopping offer that SHI Symbol will provide to all SHI Symbol purchasers.

So whether you’re Single or in a relationship, planning that holiday to Australia, the US, Europe or any of the points in between and if you love going on a shopping spree – watch this space for how you can take advantage of this super duper deal soon to be launched.

Amulets & Talismans, “MIRACLE ICONS” another Fashion statement… WIN ONE HERE

miracle iconsPopular wisdom tells us that each cause or circumstance has a patron saint that can protect us from that occurrence.  Some of us have always had some sort of lucky charm or have worn a reproduction of a saint as a preventative measure.  Usually given to us by a mother or loved one this is supposed to be our safety net during life’s tribulations.miracle icons 12

miracle icons Ricky Martin

Miracle Icons Ricky Martin one of a kind Necklace

MIRACLE ICONS goes beyond the conventional  wisdom and contends that we need all the help we can get ………but on a much more “democratic” wisdom which is any saint we wear can help us deal with whatever problem we may be encountering at any time.   In other words, these medals are the good luck charms for everything and anything.  The philosophy, which was borne from the founder’s experience with a dear friend who was just diagnosed with an inoperable form of cancer, and turned into a healing tool of sorts.  When the friend was given the medals, she was visibly touched and for some reason was very heartened by the sentiment…………….long story short, she recovered and is in remission.  Mary Jo Pane, founder, then thought that maybe this can be used as an aid to bolster confidence and well being due to post 9/11 complications which so many of our NY neighbors suffered through at the time.miracle icons Rolling Stone 11 07

Ms. Pane then decided to market the essence of MIRACLE ICONS to select retailers and has been constantly surprised that her sentiment is shared by the owners of these pieces.  Her legion of celebrity owners includes Ricky Martin, Halle Berry, Bruce Springstein, Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake.  The so called “religious jewelry” has taken on a life of its own and has been a consistently popular selling item across the country.  The medals are acquired via agents who scour the flea markets of Eastern and Western Europe in search of these items which have the fine patina of age from the mid 19th century through the 1950’s.  Once they have been received on this side of the ocean, they are then hand sorted by category.  miracle icons 1Once the sorting is completed, the process of building the jewelry begins.  The medals/icons serve as charms (amulets or talismans) which are suspended from a bracelet or necklace.  The bracelets tend to be of the stretch beaded variety and the necklaces would be of chain or leather or any other suitable material which would reflect the new contemporary image of the jewelry.miracle icons New Image3miracle icons Oprah_02_2010

For almost 10 years now, MIRACLE ICONS has been made by hand in New York City and as of this year is now available on line on its own website.  One of the most compelling features about the collection is that NO 2 pieces are alike and there is no specification as to which saint will appear on your item.  The prices start at $70 USD and top off at around $600 USD…………..they are heirlooms of the future generation.

Please feel free to learn more at as well as on Facebook and don’t forget me at or on Facebook.




SHI Symbol International has a very special promotion and giveaway for you – a ONE OF A KIND Miracle Icons necklace. This  necklace has 5 amulets on a 24 inch Sterling Silver Rolo link chain with a spring ring closure. This truly unique piece, as are all Miracle Icons pieces, and retails for over $400 usd makes a statement all on it’s own.  All Miracle Icon styles are handmade and totally suitable for a man or woman.

SHI SYmbol's join Emag here FREE button

SHI SYmbol's join Emag here FREE

To be in the running to win this beautiful piece, its very easy – just subscribe to SHI Symbol’s free Emag by clicking here:

Miracle Icons Competition Prize for SHI SYmbol International  Handmade Unique Necklace

Miracle Icons Competition Prize for SHI SYmbol International Handmade Unique Necklace

Winner will be announced in SHI Symbol Emag.

with special thanks to Jeffrey B Felner, your resident Fashion guru and of course Miracle Icons.

Couples Massage: How Soon is Too Soon?

You’ve only been dating for a few days, weeks, or months (insert time-frame) but everything seems to be clicking.  You don’t want to jump the gun, but you’re beginning to think this person is THE ONE.  And so you’ve decided that it’s time to take it to the next level and organize a special treat for the two of you, something intimate, relaxing, romantic, and off the beaten path: a couples massage.  You love a good massage and you know they will, too.  So why not do it together?  It sounds like a good idea, but you’ve begun to second-guess yourself.  What if your partner thinks you’re moving too fast or that you’re some kind of creepy weirdo?  How can you tell if it’s too soon to do couples massage?

Couples Massages in a tropical wonderful

Couples Massages in a tropical wonderful

For starters, do you classify yourselves as a couple?  If not, it may be too soon.  If you’re not exclusively dating someone, if it’s just “casual”, or if you don’t even know their last name, chances are a couples massage is a bit of a stretch (as is the term “couple”).  You may want to hold off for a bit if you don’t want to get slapped with a restraining order for stalking.  If, however, your relationship has moved to next level (you’ve become intimate, met each other’s parents, keep toothbrushes at each other’s apartments, and have commenced to ignore/blow off your friends), you can probably assume that it’s safe to surprise your significant other with an afternoon of spoiling for two.Couples Massage

But if you’re still not sure, maybe you should ruminate on what, exactly, a couples massage entails.  In case you didn’t know, you’ll pretty much be naked (albeit under a sheet or towel).  You will also be on tables right next to each other, close enough to hold hands or gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes…as you are touched by two total strangers.  Uh-huh.  If the vibe sounds a little creepy, chances are it is.  It’s hard enough playing the get-to-know-you game without watching some Fabio wannabe touch your lady, or wondering what that cute little Asian girl with hands of steel is doing to your boyfriend while you’re face-down on the mat.  If you’re not quite comfortable watching your partner interact intimately with another person, you might want to plan something a bit more private, like the two of you massaging each other (it might be more fun to get a manual and do a little pillow-time at home anyway).

Couples MassageThe truth is, even people who have been together for years may find couples massage a little awkward.  After all, the idea is to relax and that may not be possible with another person in the room.  On the other hand, some people are totally cool with letting it all hang out, even if they just met you at a Poison concert the previous night.  So before you plan a couples massage, you should have a good idea of how your partner feels about it, whether you come right out and ask, or gauge their interest in another way.  After all, you don’t want to arrive at the massage parlor only to find that you’ll be alone in a room with two tables and masseurs while your partner reads a magazine in the lobby for an hour.

Dana Rivas enjoys writing about the benefits of massage for her website Portable Massage Tables.

Help Please – Fashion, Beauty, Dating, Love, Relationships, Competitions – Your Say

Are you Single? Looking for a relationship? Like dating? Love fashion? Enjoy beauty treatments? Want help with you finances? Enjoy competitions and giveaways… The list could go on…

Well, SHI Symbol needs your input on what YOU would like to see changed, added or deleted from the SHI Symbol International Emag – AND you can WIN big time.


SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

SHI Symbol's International Emag for Singles - May 2010 Edition

Peruse it, note your likes, dislikes and any suggestions. Then:

Please send Comments to this blog or send email Jan at SHI Symbol and we will try to incorporate your suggestions.

NOW WAIT FOR IT – EVERYONE who responds will receive a FREE Global travel club membership valued at $99 from – just perfect for you and your family to use on your next holiday or even business trip.

Note: If you would like to view OTHER SHI Symbol Emags – just go to the SHI SYmbol Website and click on Emags at top of page. By the way, it’s FREE to subscribe and receive them!

Oligoville rides again…

Mr New York Fashion Writer himself, the very interesting Jeffrey B Felner has just reviewed SHI Symbol for his Oligoville Fashion and Music lovers network. With a raft of pics to illustrate his points, SHI Symbol is certainly seen as the trendy and stylish accessory for 2010.

This is a screen capture of Jeffrey’s Home Page – SHI Symbol was the featured article today 14th June 2010.

Jeffrey B Felner's Oligoville Screen Print SHI Symbol 14th June 2010

Jeffrey B Felner's Oligoville Screen Capture SHI Symbol 14th June 2010

You can read Jeffrey’s entire review at: Oligoville.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for him too.

Brain Power – is yours hidden?

I love exercising and am seriously considering the Zumba craze, after all SHI Symbol’s even written about the ‘trend’ before it really became a trend. But, I love exercising my brain – in fact more so than my body these

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition


However, as

I’m also all for warding off

Alzheimer’s, engage in the odd puzzle or three, Scrabble and word games. Don’t know if you remember the segment in the July 2009 Emag on how to keep your brain fit, and increase your memory – well this is for you. And if you want to view that Emag issue just go to our website and click on Emags or click this jpg

Today I have a mind bender just for you. See if you can decipher this Cryptogram – basically it’s code writing. Anyone from Benchley Park a fan here?


If you’re after a clue: W = N

And if you need an incentive – first one to post the correct answer here on the SHI Symbol Blog wins a $99  membership for you and your family’s use.

Go to it!

Please spread the word on your FB, Twitter and other social networking sites – see how fast we can get a winner.