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News for Singles – SHI Symbol Emag for May out now

Here’s your must have Emag if you’re a Single somewhere in the world. Great info and loads of competitions and special offers. What more could you want! In fact once you’ve read it, we’d love your feedback and if there’s something in particular you’d like to see featured we’ll see what we can do. – but you have to let us know!!!

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SHI Symbol International Emag - May 2010 edition
SHI Symbol International Emag – May 2010 edition



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The Top 6 Charitable Celebrity Single Men and Women

Who are today’s top single celebrities and what do they give to others?  Here’s our list:


  1. George Clooney – Who doesn’t want an experienced man with a villa in Italy?
    George Clooney - and definitely my pick!

    George Clooney - and definitely my pick!

      Politically active (smart!), voted Sexiest Man Alive, and an award winning actor…  This one’s a catch.  Maybe THE catch, since he’s sworn off marriage.  He works with Not on Our Watch – a charity that brings the spotlight on the genocide in Darfur.

  2. Robert Pattinson – Introduced to us via Twilight he has girls swooning, young and old.  You’ll have to beat the fans off with a stick, but it’s worth the effort.  Robert has been a part of charity auctions and is known to support the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
  3. Adam Levine – Lead singer for Maroon 5 is one hot star.  He likes confidence in a woman, so be sure to bring yours!  Maroon 5 has played for many charitable events.
  4. Mario Lopez – He’s been breaking hearts since his Saved by the Bell days, but ladies, he’s all grown up.  He’s a player, divorced, and struts, but then he flashes those dimples and takes off his shirt so you forgive him for it.  Mario has been known to support Eva’s Heroes, Padres Contra el Cancer, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  5. Gerard Butler – The sexy star just finished The Bounty Hunter, but who could forget him in the lead of 300.  The Scot loves to date, but it’ll have to be someone who can handle his schedule.  Gerard has been known to support Artists for Peace and Justice.

    leonardo_dicaprio - Titanic Star

    Leonardo Dicaprio - Titanic Star

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio – A leading man for years, who hasn’t wanted to be Rose Dawson for just a little bit?  The Titanic star is known for his passionate environmental support.   He has supported at least 10 known charities, and has his own, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which focuses on global warming and energy resources.


  1. Sharon Stone – Still hot years after Basic Instinct, she’s a divorced mom.  She’s outspoken about education about strokes, and a spokesperson for AIDS research.  Single, smart, hip, and hot.  People has even voted her as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.
  2. Jennifer Aniston – The former Friends star turned big screen star knows how
    Jennifer Aniston - Celebrity Single who's generous too

    Jennifer Aniston - Celebrity Single who's generous too

    to pick ‘em, so you better bring your best game.  No really, who else can say, “Brad Pitt is my ex.”  She’s confident and smart, and needs the same in a man.  Jennifer is known to contribute to at least 14 separate charitable organizations, one of which is Habitat for Humanity.

  3. Keira Knightly – She can swing a sword, what more can you say?  Pirates of the Caribbean and Atonement star, she’s on her way up.  Young, she’s probably not looking for a lifelong commitment, but maybe you can have some fun along the way! Keira has appeared in outreaches for domestic violence.
  4. Reese Witherspoon – The list would not be complete without her!  Sweet
    Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon

    enough to take home to mama, and smart enough to swap words with, she’s got a stellar career, and a solid grasp of reality.  A divorcee and a mom, she has what it takes to go the distance.  Reese in known to contribute to many charitable organizations, one of which is the Children’s Defense Fund.

  5. Tyra Banks – Former supermodel turned television empire, this is one busy lady with a good head on her shoulders.  Are you the one who can take her on?  Fierce!  Tyra started her own Foundation to support Tzone, a foundation to empower girls and young women.
  6. Kim Kardashian – Since she just broke up with Reggie Bush, this hot reality star is back in the dating game!  She’s also a giver…  She gives regularly to several charities including the Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to adults with life limiting illnesses.

This is not an exhaustive list by far!  Celebrities are known for their generosity.  Who can you name?

The lovely Sarah Harris provided this very insightful Celebrity List of  generous Singles. Sarah’s other claim to fame is in helping brides-to-be plan everything for that special moment. So, if you’re a bridesmaid or groomsman and want to provide that extra bit of help, do check out this information. Might save you a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

Wedding planning advice is a blog for brides created to help them stress less by providing honest and unbiased wedding advice, ideas, and tips. Topics we focus on include wedding planning, wedding invitations, preowned wedding dresses, wedding flowers, weddings on a budget, and of course the bride and groom.

Travel Options for the GLBT Community

SHI Symbol features all sorts of travel opportunities in the Emag. We’ve been asked in particular for information relating to travel options for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities. Thanks to Sarah Harris for this informative post.

What do you want out of your travel experience?  Are you looking for all inclusive?  A cruise?  Alone or with others?  Are you specifically looking for a gay vacation?  Do you just want to know what some gay friendly options are?

Here are several sites that can get you started:
Check out “Camp” Camp, a summer camp for GLBT adults!  Operating since 1997, it’s that sleep-away camp experience from your childhood.  With sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and evening social events, this camp in Maine is a great alternative vacation option.  With cabins like you remember, but food you don’t (there are chefs not lunch ladies) you’ll find all kinds of things to do, friends to make, and fun to be had.  Truly, this is a community and friend making experience.

·   Purple Roofs is a great travel planning tool.  A GLBT travel directory, it can clue you into destinations all over the world.  The listings are either gay-owned or gay friendly.  Did you ever want to see a particular country?  This is your chance to know you’re going to have a gay friendly experience when you do.

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian  communities

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian

·      Alyson Adventures is a leading the way in creating adventure travel and active vacations for the gay community.  In business since 1995, they create unique adventure tours for the GLBT community as well as their friends and family.  They have destinations wide flung over the world such as France, Australia, Vietnam – even Antarctica.   Their philosophy: “to enhance travel for gay men, lesbians and friends with an emphasis on activities, small groups and expanding the experience by getting closer to the environment.”

·     Lesbians can enjoy great cruise, resort, and luxury vacations at Olivia. Olivia Companies originally started as a women’s record label back in 1973.  The company has evolved into a leader in lesbian travel.  The San Francisco based company offers cruise, resort, ecotour, and luxury vacations.  They charter whole ships, resorts, and tours – from small gatherings to cruises of 2000 women.  With a strong online presence, they have created a great community of women around the world.

· RSVP Vacations, the originator of the gay and lesbian cruise concept, has been around since 1985.  The new idea at that time was to provide a safe, tailor-made vacation for gays and lesbians.  With cruises to international locations, over 35,000 travelers have enjoyed their destinations.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go; you can probably find fantastic GLBT friendly destination, tour, cruise, adventure, vacation… You name it and you’re on your way.  Check these sites out, do a little research, and you’ll have the best vacation you’ve ever had.  Bon Voyage!

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager for Adiamor, a diamond jewelry website. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.

And please, if you have a favorite GLBT travel company, do please let us know where it is, what they specialise in eg adventure travel, romantic interludes etc and why it is your favorite. SHI Symbol would love to pass the word on for everyone’s sake.

Zumba: A Virgins Guide to Staying Abstinent

I’ve always loved music, dance, exercise etc so when Zumba came along – well, I just had to find out more. In our November SHI Symbol Emag there was a feature on the increasingly popular Zumba movement. Today I have Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson who has been a devotee of Zumba long before it became trendy to be involved. Over to you Jennee…

SHI Symbol Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson on Zumba

SHI Symbol Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson on Zumba

Zumba is now well known around the world. Most people think that it is a hot new craze, but I’ve been doing Zumba for almost ten years! I was doing it when people thought I was having a case of word vomit when they asked how I was losing weight.

“Zumba!” I excitedly would tell them about salsa, merengue and belly dancing. They’re eyes would always tell me that they had no idea what I was talking about. But I loved to work out with Beto and the gang. Yes, I was one of the few that purchased the unknown dvd series in 2002, which is why no one believes that I have been doing zumba as long as I have.

 Not only am I a zumba girl, I’m also a virgin. I was one of those young girls that promised myself that sex was for marriage and that my virginity would be my wedding present to my husband….except, I thought that I would be married by now and didn’t realize the wait was going to be so difficult. 

Therefore, I was happy to discover Zumba. Zumba is intoxicating, addicting and sensual. It has been my guide to staying abstinent. 

It is a great release for sexual frustrations. The music is hot, and a lot of moves in a zumba workout include hip thrusts, booty shaking and any other sexual move. By the end of a class, I am sweaty and feeling good. It is currently my replacement for sex.

When I first started taking the class, I was self-conscious. I didn’t want to be sticking my rear in the air and shaking it all around for the world to see. The flow of music didn’t feel right. It was different and my all-American body couldn’t follow the unique beats. Then, the Latin bug bit me and it bites hard! I moved to Miami, Florida for over 3 years, taking in the Latin lifestyle and culture.

 I dance like a Latin girl now. And when I have a tan, I look like a Latin girl.

Now, that I’m living in Ohio, pale as a ghost, my classmates are in awe that I can move like I can move. I lose myself in the music and enjoy the movements that my body allows me to make. I am working at a local YMCA and they are going to send me to get a Zumba certification someday so that I can teach my own Zumba class and share the Latin energy with others.

 And someday, I plan on using these moves in the bedroom.

Now don’t forget to subscribe to the FREE SHI Symbol Emag here so you can find out more of what’s new and hip in the world these days. To read more of Jennee’s very entertaining posts, please check out her blog at

Game, Set, Match!: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level


Meeting Your Match - what next?

Meeting Your Match - what next?

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone – maybe you DID find the man or woman of your dreams. Here are some very useful tips from SHI Symbol’s Guest Poster, Liberty Kontranowski  as you start to get to know one another a bit more…

Congratulations – it’s finally happened – after proudly proclaiming you’re single, happy and interested, you’ve found that perfect match.

Now the real fun begins. As you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level, there are some important matters to consider. Here are four quick tips for making the transition from a couple of singles to a couple of lovebirds as painless and easy-going as possible.

  • Take your time – There’s no rush here. Getting to know someone takes time and yes, it takes work. Be prepared to be patient – some people are hard to loosen up, especially in those oh-so-cautious early days of a new relationship. Go into your budding romance with your eyes wide open (though it goes without saying they’ll be somewhat blinded by that heart-thumping potential new-love phenomenon) and consider whether this is a person you want to share your time – and possibly the rest of your life – with. If the answer is “Heck, yeah!” then keep reading. If not, put your SHISymbol back on and give it another go!
  • Put it all out there – Okay, so maybe you won’t share everything (do you really need to explain your irrational fear of hamsters from the get-go? Probably not.), but there are plenty of things you’ll want to lay on the table early on. What are your values? What kind of work do you do? What are your goals? What would make you most happy in life? Exploring these topics with a potential mate can draw you closer and make your bond even more intimate.
  • And speaking of intimacy…One of the best benefits of going from friends to lovers is hitting the sheets. However, it’s incredibly important to be very frank with each other about your sexual past. You’ll want to discuss any STDs you may have and ask your partner to do the same. If unsure, undergo testing to screen for diseases and seek medical treatment if necessary. If erectile dysfunction is an issue, there are plenty of safe and effective options, including online pharmacies where you can buy Cialis and other personal ED medications from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  • Enjoy the process – There’s no denying that being single is sometimes easier than being part of a couple. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of belonging that a committed relationship brings, and soon all your hard work to strengthen your bond will prove completely worthwhile. Working through any issues as soon as they crop up is key as are the core elements of honesty, trust, passion and fun. Remember to value each other and listen more than you talk. 

It’s such a great feeling to find “the one” and following these tips will set you on the path to ever-lasting happiness – right where you belong!

Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer and blogger with hundreds of articles published online and in print, covering everything from sexual health to parenting to beauty, fashion, entertainment and more. Liberty is currently developing articles for a safe online pharmacy



Which US City’s the Top Rated for Sex…

Friendship, Dating, Love and Lust

Friendship, Dating, Love and Lust

I just had to share this with you. Don’t know how, but came across this Forbes article that listed America’s 10 most lustful cities. I know you’re thinking the tops will be Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles. Wrong. Try Denver, San Antonio and Portland, Oregon/s men and women for starters.

It seems that residents of these cities enjoy fun filled and frequent sex lives. At least this is the news according to their condom and contraceptive purchases according to Forbes information extrapolated from research firm ACNielsen data on a per-capita index of over the counter contraceptive purchases in major US markets.

If you’re a SHI Symbol Single and thinking of a trip to Denver, where an average index is 100, Denver enjoys an index of 289 which translates into 189% more contraceptive sales than you would normally expect for a similar sized market. So now you know – forget sleeping in Denver!

For a full low down on the top 10 lustful cities in the US, you can read the full report here. But, I will let you in on a secret: Las Vegas, New York nor Los Angeles made it into the Top Ten and were in fact ranked only with average or below average indexes!

Mars and Venus – The Truth revealed? … and I love it!

 I came across this wonderful article by Lewis and Christopher from the UK and just had to share it with you. It provides a wonderfully refreshing insight into our gender differences. Whether you’re male or female, married or single, looking for love or have already found it – this is a MUST read. 

A critical analysis of the multi-planetary hypothesis for the origin of sexual dimorphism: 

Men are from Mars,  Women are from Venus”

 Lewis Dartnell and Christopher Booroff

 University College London

 1. Introduction 

John Gray wrote his seminal book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, in 1996. And ever since people have been rushing out in droves to buy it, presumably in the belief that understanding the motivations and planetary origins of their other half will lead them to a more fulfilling and ultimately successful relationship. It must have something to do with that old mainstay of self-help books: the irresistible blend of evolutionary psychology pseudo-science and touchy-feely emotional deconstruction mumbo jumbo. In addition to the original publication, Gray has since released an unbelievable six further follow-up titles. One can only assume that Gray’s prolific writing reflects his altruistic drive to help those in romantic and emotional need, with the money made from selling a series of largely derivative books a happy coincidence.

 The main supposition of Gray’s treatise is that men and women have fundamentally different psyches,which determines the manner with which they communicate, interact with others, and respond to various situations. The key to a successful (presumably heterosexual) relationship is for both parties to appreciate these differences and attempt to accommodate them. Having read only the title, we take it that Gray’s main assumption is that the two sexes of our species in fact followed largely independent evolutionary  paths on Earth’s planetary neighbours, Mars and Venus, before migrating to their current terrestrial territory and coming into mutual contact for the first time. The theory has come to be known (well, by us at any rate) as the multi-planetary hypothesis for the origin of sexual dimorphism. This resettlement was very recent on an evolutionary timescale, so that neither males nor females have had sufficient time to readapt to the new conditions, and so retain many behavioural and morphological phenotypic traits that were adaptations to the original environments of their ancestral homes. Crazy if you ask us.

2 Method 

The essence of the scientific method is not simply to dismiss a theory one does not personally subscribe to, but to test objectively its predictions in an attempt to either falsify or corroborate it. For this reason the authors have critically analysed the claim that each gender’s ancestral home predetermines attributes of their personality. That, and the fact that the Spring season is cheerfully upon us once again; it isn’t all about humping like rabbits and doing as the birds and the bees do, it’s also about understanding what makes your partner tick. After all, the more you understand, the easier it is to exploit. Who said romance was dead?

3. Results 

3.1 Astronomical Symbol


Mars Venus gender symbols for love - and the key to the SHI Symbol for Singles

Mars Venus gender symbols for love - and the key to the SHI Symbol for Singles


Shown here with Mars to the left and Venus to the right. No surprises here then. The traditional representational symbols for Mars and Venus are Male and Female, respectively. The Greek anthropomorphic names for the planets also seem pretty appropriate. The god of War, and the goddess of Love and Beauty; seems to fit the personalities in our families close enough anyway.

3.2 Apparent magnitude (geek speak for brightness)

 Mars: -2.8, Venus: -4.4. Trust astronomers to find a way to make brightness a complicated term. The bottom line here is that women are seemingly 32 times brighter than men. But the less said about that the better we feel. Although, the fact that Venus is the brightest planet in the heavens and is visible as both the evening and morning star meant that for millennia it was believed to be two separate bodies.  Hinting at the possibility of Venus being behind the bipolar nature of women’s mood swings?

3.3 Orbital distance (Earth=1.0 Astronomical Unit) 

Mars: 1.52 AU, Venus: 0.72 AU. Every good GCSE student knows that Venus is the second planet out from the Sun, with Mars orbiting beyond Earth. Venus is positioned within Earth’s orbit, which explains why it shows phases (in the same way the Moon waxes and wanes) whereas Mars is always fully illuminated from our viewpoint. This inside orbit means that, to use the correct terminology, Venus is an inferior planet. But it’s probably safest to keep schtum about any sexual inequalities this might indicate. Also, Venus always going through different phases… Nope, don’t think there’s any comparison to be made with women there either.

 3.4 Eccentricity of orbit 

Venus: 0.0068, Mars: 0.0934. Eccentricity is a measure of how close to a perfect circle the planet’s orbit actually is. Venus’s orbit is the most circular of all the planets. A psychoanalyst might point towards a resonance with the feminine traits of attention to detail and neatness. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly, hadn’t you? Like orbit in a proper damn circle. Whereas Mars is a bit more badboy rebel, defying the Sun with a much more elliptical path. This eccentricity results in wild temperature swings, explaining in a single stroke men’s infuriating habit of always blowing hot and cold at you.

3.5 Inclination of axis to orbit

Mars: 25deg, Venus: 3deg. This means that Venus is like a well-balance spinning top pointing almost directly upwards, whereas Mars tilts at a vicious angle. Venus’ lack of inclination may hint at some deep evolutionary psychological explanation behind the characteristic female indecisiveness and complete lethargy on a Sunday morning. Venus also refuses to conform with anyone else in the solar system and spins in the opposite direction, just to be difficult. 

3.6 Atmosphere

 Venus: 90 bar CO2 Mars: 7mbar CO2. Not only is Venus under immense pressure (over 10,000 times more than the stress-free Mars), more than the stress-free Mars), but it rains concentrated sulphuric acid and the surface boils with a furnace-like heat. Don’t mess with a temper like that, lads. These scorching conditions were apparently created by a run-away Greenhouse effect, which could explain why women start on something and don’t let it drop until everyone’s hot under the collar? Bloody typical. On the flip side, Mars is positively vacuous in comparison, and also freezing. So not unlike a bloke’s response to being rebuked and coldshouldering in a refusal to behave maturely, then.

 3.7 Methane abundance  

The levels of methane gas in the Martian atmosphere are far from chemical equilibrium. This issignificant because it is regarded as a key indication that life remains on Mars today, long since men migrated away. However, a more significant implication of this could be evidence to suggest that men do indeed suffer from flatulence to a greater extent than women. A crude observation perhaps, but it does at least exonerate men from the guilt of occasionally unleashing a silent dose under the duvet. “Sorry pet, it’s only my Martian roots expressing itself”. Try it. At the very least you’ll get a priceless glare for your troubles.

 3.8 Orbital periods 

The orbital period of Mars is 687 days compared to 225 days for Venus. This indicates that one year on Venus is a much shorter period of time than on Mars. Consequently, Venusians have many more birthdays than their Martian counterparts. In order to compensate, women may often translate their age into Martian years for us, and helpfully round down by a few. However, this is a highly contentious topic and one which any man worth his Martian-salt should stay well clear of. Though it is, of course, equally possible that this demonstrates why women do indeed grow-up faster than men, who remain immature well into their 20s, 30s, 40s… and still try to find scientific justifications for their socially unacceptable flatulence. Ho hum.

 4. Discussion

Hmmm. The predictions made from the multi-planetary hypothesis do seem to bear a faithfulrepresentation of the observed reality. Perhaps there is a deeper truth behind this book. It has been used for years as a tool against the unsuspecting man by his more informed better half. But on the evidence of this report it would seem that the book is not so damning of the male species as we have assumed. 

1 Statement of conflicting interests: Neither of the authors have actually read the book.