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BCMG IPhone Application for Music, Entertainment and much more…

If you haven’t yet checked out the latest IPhone application by Black Cherry Music Group or BCMG – give it a go. Just Download this app and stay connected to all of BCMG’s music, news, tweets, videos, and other content in real-time.

The wonderful Chris Leyva – fabulous musician, artistic director and driving force behind Black Cherry Music Group, has been instrumental in the creation of this IPhone app.

So for all the Singles out there wanting to know what is the best club to go to Meet Your Match, to see your favorite band, or just somewhere to go hang out; for all the couples out there seeking a cosy venue for a romantic interlude and for everyone else who’d like to hear about all the fun and excitement that the music and entertainment industries can provide for us – Download the Black Cherry Music Group IPhone app now.

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

And of course it’s well worth viewing all the info on the Iphone app – heaps of photos, always lots of news in the Entertainment industry and of course the SHI Symbol blog – always a great read for Singles as well as anyone who loves a bit of fun.


That’s So Gay Live Interview – ‘What’s Hot’ in Australia…



SHI Symbol Interview by Founder Jan Pagonis for That's So Gay Live - I'm Human First

SHI Symbol Interview by Founder Jan Pagonis for That's So Gay Live - I'm Human First

 Nicole Peters our roving reporter in Australia reports on ‘What’s Hot’ in Australia.

This Video interview with Jan Pagonis, owner of SHI Symbol International shows you just how fashion savvy the Aussies are and how Singles there are leading the world in how you can meet your match easily. whatever your sexual preference.

This report was compiled for US based that is a resource and news site that streams video from different segments like, gay news,  gay travel, romance and hot topics. All with a friendly gay twist.



News for Singles – SHI Symbol Emag for May out now

Here’s your must have Emag if you’re a Single somewhere in the world. Great info and loads of competitions and special offers. What more could you want! In fact once you’ve read it, we’d love your feedback and if there’s something in particular you’d like to see featured we’ll see what we can do. – but you have to let us know!!!

Simply click on the SHI Symbol Emag front cover below or click here and you will be taken to the Emag straight away.

SHI Symbol International Emag - May 2010 edition
SHI Symbol International Emag – May 2010 edition



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Too easy.

Travel Options for the GLBT Community

SHI Symbol features all sorts of travel opportunities in the Emag. We’ve been asked in particular for information relating to travel options for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities. Thanks to Sarah Harris for this informative post.

What do you want out of your travel experience?  Are you looking for all inclusive?  A cruise?  Alone or with others?  Are you specifically looking for a gay vacation?  Do you just want to know what some gay friendly options are?

Here are several sites that can get you started:
Check out “Camp” Camp, a summer camp for GLBT adults!  Operating since 1997, it’s that sleep-away camp experience from your childhood.  With sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and evening social events, this camp in Maine is a great alternative vacation option.  With cabins like you remember, but food you don’t (there are chefs not lunch ladies) you’ll find all kinds of things to do, friends to make, and fun to be had.  Truly, this is a community and friend making experience.

·   Purple Roofs is a great travel planning tool.  A GLBT travel directory, it can clue you into destinations all over the world.  The listings are either gay-owned or gay friendly.  Did you ever want to see a particular country?  This is your chance to know you’re going to have a gay friendly experience when you do.

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian  communities

Bike the Nile Alyson Adventures gay lesbian

·      Alyson Adventures is a leading the way in creating adventure travel and active vacations for the gay community.  In business since 1995, they create unique adventure tours for the GLBT community as well as their friends and family.  They have destinations wide flung over the world such as France, Australia, Vietnam – even Antarctica.   Their philosophy: “to enhance travel for gay men, lesbians and friends with an emphasis on activities, small groups and expanding the experience by getting closer to the environment.”

·     Lesbians can enjoy great cruise, resort, and luxury vacations at Olivia. Olivia Companies originally started as a women’s record label back in 1973.  The company has evolved into a leader in lesbian travel.  The San Francisco based company offers cruise, resort, ecotour, and luxury vacations.  They charter whole ships, resorts, and tours – from small gatherings to cruises of 2000 women.  With a strong online presence, they have created a great community of women around the world.

· RSVP Vacations, the originator of the gay and lesbian cruise concept, has been around since 1985.  The new idea at that time was to provide a safe, tailor-made vacation for gays and lesbians.  With cruises to international locations, over 35,000 travelers have enjoyed their destinations.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go; you can probably find fantastic GLBT friendly destination, tour, cruise, adventure, vacation… You name it and you’re on your way.  Check these sites out, do a little research, and you’ll have the best vacation you’ve ever had.  Bon Voyage!

Sarah Harris is the Marketing Manager for Adiamor, a diamond jewelry website. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.

And please, if you have a favorite GLBT travel company, do please let us know where it is, what they specialise in eg adventure travel, romantic interludes etc and why it is your favorite. SHI Symbol would love to pass the word on for everyone’s sake.

SXSW Texas Event – be there March 17th

Thanks to No Cover Event Guide and Black Cherry Marketing Group you too can enjoy a feast of music on March 17th. Are you ready to have some fun…

No Cover Black Cherry SXSW Club Encore event 17th March 2010

No Cover Black Cherry SXSW Club Encore event 17th March 2010

What Does Your Handwriting Have To Do With Your Relationship?

Handwriting expert - SHeila Lowe's article for SHI Symbol Singles

Handwriting expert - Sheila Lowe's article for SHI Symbol Singles

Are you a scribbler, giant sized letter lover or does your writing reflect your life of being neat and tidy? For those of us still writing and not simply keying into a computer, this article by forensic handwriting expert, Sheila Lowe, will be abslutely fascinating.

You might think that with the popularity of texting and email handwriting is passé, but the truth is, handwriting can help you gain insight into what makes your partner tick. It turns out that handwriting is a lot like the expression on your face or your tone of voice—it reveals a lot about you.

You don’t have to be a professional handwriting analyst to see there’s a difference in the behavior of someone who writes so large that just a few words fill up a line and someone whose tiny writing is scrunched together in a corner of the page. The large writer loves to be the center of attention. The tiny writer is clearly far more retiring and feels thoroughly washed out by a lot of socializing.

Someone with rounded writing needs loads of affection and approval, while one with straight lines and angles is determined, dogmatic in his opinions. A couple like this may be attracted to each other at first, but soon hit speed bumps. What attracts is that each makes up what the other lacks. The straight line writer needs more flexibility and warmth; the curvy writer needs more backbone. They can get what they need from each other, but if one or both types are too strong the conflicts can end up in unhappiness.

If you print, rather than write cursive, that’s quite common. Schools these days don’t teach careful penmanship as they did in your granddad’s day. That’s a pity, as the connections between letters in cursive writing says a lot about social style. Handwriting is full of symbolism, and breaking those connections is symbolic of breaking the bonds between yourself and others. It doesn’t mean that you’re not friendly if you print, but there’s a lot you keep to yourself. Deep emotional intimacy can be a bit of a challenge for you. Printers often compartmentalize their feelings and put on a happy face when there are painful feelings underneath.

These broad generalities give you an idea of what can be seen in handwriting. Understanding what makes your lover tick can help you create a happier, more harmonious relationship. After all, there’s something deeply personal about a handwritten note that’s lacking in an electronic message. A piece of paper can be saved forever, and the line of ink impressed upon the page is like giving your lover a photo of the inner you.

 Sheila Lowe                     is a forensic handwriting expert and author of books on handwriting analysis and a mystery series. She provides continuing education for marriage and family therapists and works with clients all over the world. – Forensic handwriting mysteries. Dead Write in stores now

Last Singles eMag for 2009 – read it here…

Once again it’s the end of the year – time to reflect on everything we have done and everything we would like to do in 2010 whether you’re Single or not!

For all you guys and girls who haven’t as yet had the opportunity to read the SHI Symbol eMag –this is our very last one for 2009. Please enjoy the features on travel, relationships, finance, beauty, wine and much much more.  And of course, we’d love your feedback too.

SHI Symbol International eMag Dec-front-cover300
SHI Symbol International eMag Dec-front-cover300

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