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Fashion Frenzy? Chanel, Valentino, Lagerfeld – What to say…

Another fabulous commentary by Jeffrey B Felner on what is the highlight of the Fashion world’s calendar – the Paris Fashion Show.

Haute Couture is the creme de la creme of fashion, but this season we see that even the grandest master of the couture..KARL LAGERFELD…can produce a clunker of a collection and that hiring new designers is not always the answer to the rejeuvenation of a revered brand as in the case of VALENTINO

As a rule, by this time, I am in some rapturous state while taking in the Couture Collections.  Unfortunately, there is no rapture here but more disbelief as to how can these revered brands produce collections that are searching for new clientele rather than catering to their stalwart devotees.  Oh and, by the way, the collections left me slack jawed and wondering why and how did this happen.

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010

 CHANEL/ KARL LAGERFELD produced the spectacle that one has come to expect but the collection did not exactly live up to the amazing stage set. 

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010


Mr. Lagerfeld can produce the most wildly exciting, awe inspiring collections for CHANEL but this season he produced a highly difficult, cumbersome and much more matronly collection which I do not believe will resonate with his fans. 

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010


The silhouettes, the lengths, the palette, the oddity of it all seemed to contradict what Lagerfeld has been building for years. 

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010


Season after season, whether it be Couture or RTW, one was always  amazed by the clothes, the inventiveness, the accessories(bags, shoes, jewelry) and none of that happened except for the fabulous bracelets.  I will admit to one exception………….the pearl dress.  How can one not marvel at that???

Chanel Paris Fashion 2010


Chanel Paris Fashion 2010


Valentino Paris Fashion 2010

Valentino Paris Fashion 2010

Valentino Paris Fashion 2010


Valentino Paris Fashion 2010


Valentino Paris Fashion 2010


 VALENTINO the brand, has been retooling since the departure of its beloved namesake, has once again provided us with a collection that begs the question…….”WHY?”

I get the impression that the new designers believe that if they use red fabric and toss a few bows around the garments that they have achieved a Valentino look ……….not!!!!!  These clothes are for some unknown client with some unknown occasion to attend and with an untold amount of money to spend on these truly unattractive clothes.  It seems that the house of Valentino is devolving while searching for the new couture client and they have flagrantly discarded the loyal ladies who made the house a staple of the Haute Couture.

It is always difficult for me to not rave about these collections which is why I urge you to review them at and keep up with me Jeffrey at


Fashion Rules again – Destination…Over the Top

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the Haute Couture world of Paris Fashion – you need look no further than this scintillating piece of news – and check out the outfits too…

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the TopIt is that twice Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Topa year ritual that can only be described as “the wet dream of the fashion world.” It is HAUTE COUTURE time in Paris where one can bring to life the dreams that only the real “createurs of this art” can dream…………….no expense need be spared and the ateliers show why they have bragging rights in the fantasy cum reality time we know as HAUTE COUTURE.

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the TopIn what can only be described as an exhibit, rather than show, with a cacophony of colors, John Galliano for Dior has once again opened the season with his own brand of brilliance. Even though one is able to discern the references from Monsieur Dior and from Charles James, one is so distracted by the laser vision of Mr. Galliano and his ability to bring that vision to the runway…….and that the references are obliterated by the spectacle of the clothes themselves. None of this acts to the detriment of what can only be described as over the top fashion, if one can even call it that. The point here is that Dior Couture is beyond just another garment, it is one of the quintessential Couture collections year after year. My biggest hope is that one client has been collecting these masterpieces so that generations to come can appreciate the workmanship and vision that enabled the creations to grace a runway.Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Top

ALEXIS MABILLE offers a concise collection that is driven only by one idea……….chic. Whether it is the full skirted lace or the divine slim column of a black gown with colorful “bow top,” there is a young but old world quality and esthetic to these clothes making them ageless

BOUCHRA JARRAR is another young designer who offered up what I consider to be the antithesis of the usual couture fare. What sets it apart is its apparent clean lines and extreme simplicity. It conjures thoughts of Geoffrey Beene whose name you rarely hear anymore but whose talent for razor sharp appearingly simple garments were anything but…………..

I urge everyone to see, for themselves, the wonders of HAUTE COUTURE at STYLE.COM

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Top

As usual, this wonderful piece was written by Fashionista Jeffrey B Felner of Fashion by the Rules fame! Thank you Jeffrey.

And don’t forget to watch for Fashion updates over the next 3 days.

News for Singles – SHI Symbol Emag for May out now

Here’s your must have Emag if you’re a Single somewhere in the world. Great info and loads of competitions and special offers. What more could you want! In fact once you’ve read it, we’d love your feedback and if there’s something in particular you’d like to see featured we’ll see what we can do. – but you have to let us know!!!

Simply click on the SHI Symbol Emag front cover below or click here and you will be taken to the Emag straight away.

SHI Symbol International Emag - May 2010 edition
SHI Symbol International Emag – May 2010 edition



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Too easy.

Coupons Galore – Save, Save, Save – watch this space…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Single or not, let’s face it we all like to grab a bargain.

Very shortly by simply being a reader of the SHI Symbol International blog you will be exposed to a wide range of coupons and vouchers  that can literally save you hundreds of dollars. If you like eating out, partying, traveling, enjoy the DIY stuff, must be dressed in the latest fashions, love to pamper yourself with spas, cosmetics and much much more – the lovely Ashley Walkup will provide us with all manner of coupons and specials where YOU can save.

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

Ashley has been doing this for a while with particularly helping Mums and kids  ( – now it’s our turn!

Please do let us know just what sort of savings you’d like to make, the shops, the products and see featured on this blog. Between us, we will find something to suit everyone’s desires I’m sure.

Single and Looking for Life Partner

SHI Symbol helps all Singles celebrate their Singledom while being the perfect tool to meet other like minded Singles. If you’re Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others just to make new friends, that’s terrific. Similarly, if you’re Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others, with a view to finding a Life Partner, the article below from Psychologist, Eileen Edwards may provide a few pointers for you.

 How to find a  Life Partner in five simple steps

Step 1. Decide that you actually want a life partner

“Of course I want a life partner you may be saying why else would I read this?” Our society considers it important for women to be in a relationship. There is still a perception in many quarters that a woman without a relationship is unhappy. Our friends and relatives want us to be happy and fulfilled and so encourage us to find a life partner.The
media also exerts pressure on women to be part of a couple.

Many women have mixed feelings about this, which often shows up in them selecting unavailable partners. This is
particularly true where the woman concerned has a history of choosing unavailable men. We all have a right to choose a partner or not choose one. We also have a right to decide when we will choose our life partner.

If you are enjoying life as a single and currently have no desire to find a life partner please continue to enjoy your life as a single. Only you can decide when and if to choose a life partner. It’s not a decision to be made in order to please others or because you feel under pressure. Making a decision under these circumstances wouldn’t be right for you or any partner that you choose.

 Step 2. Define your life partner.

Whether you want a new pair of shoes, jacket, home or life partner you can’t have it until you define it. If you have
any doubts about this imagine the following. You are at the Railway Station and ask for “a ticket ” “a ticket to where?” would be the response. “Somewhere nice” you might say or ” somewhere where I will be happy”. You can imagine the response that you would receive. It would be along these lines ” madam, until I know exactly where you want to
go I can’t provide you with a ticket”

It’s exactly the same with a life partner we have to have a clear picture of him before we can find him. “What do I mean by a clear picture?” you may be asking. You need to know what kind of man you want to share your life with and what kind of life you want the two of you to share. Your answer to those two questions will be as individual as you are. For example I am an animal lover and would not have chosen a partner who disliked or was indifferent to animals.

Here are some headings to help you identify your ideal man. His looks, height, build, hair colour, eye colour etc? His personality outgoing, quiet, demonstrative, sporty whatever appeals to you? His lifestyle, what kind of work he does, home he lives in, car he drives, how he spends his spare time?

Of course finding a life partner isn’t like ordering a take away pizza you may not get all that you desire. The important thing is to know on what you will and will not compromise. For example you might think “I can live with some untidiness but not a man who can’t get on with my parents” Or ” I’ll watch football every Saturday for the right man but he has to be someone who takes my opinions seriously”. It is also important to visualise your shared future, the type of life that you would live together.

Step 3. Get pro-active.

It’s only in fairy stories that the handsome prince beats a path to our door. In reality we have to make an effort to
find him. This means getting out and about and being in situations where you will meet males. This may seem obvious. However some women who don’t socialise or socialise in mainly female environments such as yoga class
or bingo clubs are surprised that they have not met a life partner.

You may be thinking ” but how can I socialise I work 10 hour days” Or ” I’m a single mum with two kids to bring up”. If you are in this situation there is a technique’ which is perfect for you. Its called “random and specific search”. Even if you have lots of time to socialise I would still recommend that you use it. Most women only look out for their ideal man when they are in social situations. In reality attractive available men are around all the time. Just like you they travel to work on the train, walk their dog, go to the supermarket, attend evening classes, take their Mother out to dinner, they may even use a unisex hairdresser.

I am not suggesting that you give your home number to every attractive man you exchange a few words with in the park or supermarket. Begin by being aware that attractive available men some of whom you would certainly like to know better surround you. Situations with an ongoing element are particularly useful for example evening classes or interest groups. These will allow you to meet, talk with and observe the behaviour of potential partners in a number of situations. I’ve just described the random element of random and specific search.

The specific element is fairly self-explanatory. For example my friend’s elder sister was happily married to a Greek man. She wanted to follow in her footsteps and visited Greece as often as her budget would allow, ate in Greek restaurants and learnt Greek dance.

Step 4. Qualify potential partners

When you apply to work for a company you go through a qualification process. That process normally begins with
completing an application form and/or submitting your CV. If you are successful at this stage you then attend one or more interviews before being hired for a trial period. In choosing someone to do work on your home or garden you would probably ask friends and neighbours if there was someone that they could recommend. You might enquire about what trade associations your prospective gardener or builder belonged to. Or ask to see some work that they had already completed.

Amazingly most women choose a potential life partner on the basis of he has a great smile, lovely blue eyes or a wicked sense of humour. In seeking a life partner you are offering and applying for the most important position possible. So it’s important to go through a qualifying process rather like that mentioned above. Not doing so means that you could waste months or even years with someone who never makes the commitment to being your partner. Dates are a little like life partner interviews although of course much more fun. Using the insights of psychology it’s simple to know quickly, within one or two dates if a particular man is life partner materiel as far as you are concerned. Top tip don’t observe how he treats you on dates but how he treats others. Any man on a date with you will be out to impress you so he will obviously be pleasant to you. If he isn’t he has immediately disqualified himself as your future life partner. Observe how he treats your waitress or taxi driver; someone who isn’t important to him and you will see his true personality.

Step 5. Overcome obstacles

These come in two forms. Firstly if you find him attractive so will other women. You can’t stop this and in a way you wouldn’t want to. After all they are complimenting you on your choice. Using the insights of psychology can give a number of ways to ensure he chooses you. Space only permits me to share one tip here. It’s this- recognise his individuality. In modern society we can all feel like numbers. It’s important to let him see that to you he is a unique and very special individual.

Secondly, most women reading this will probably have had some negative relationship experiences in the past.  Psychologists know that our perspective is greatly influenced by our past experiences. We expect the things that happened in the past to happen again. Yet there is no logical reason why they should. Your new man isn’t the one who cheated on you in the past, never showed up on time or saw you as a source of free meals and financial handouts. So you are both starting out with a clean slate in this relationship So now you are ready to walk the five steps to relationship success. Don’tjust think about it. Do it, you’ll be glad that you did.

Eileen is a psychologist with a special interest in dating
and relationships. She turned her life around in this area
as a young woman and now helps other women do the same. You
can get her free ” Love Magnet”report and begin enjoying
relationship success. Claim yours from

Life Partner

New Zealand Blues Singer – Miss Poppy’s story

The fabulous Miss Poppy has popped up all over the place in the last 20 years. With the ancestry of her Tribal home in the Whangaruru area of New Zealand still very much at heart, Miss Poppy has sung and entertained her way around New Zealand and Australia, thrilling thousands of Blues, Gospel and Classical music devotees, winning the first WA Blues Singer Award. From the North Island of New Zealand to Perth, the Australian Katoomba, Lithgow, Parramatta, Blacktown, Sydney, Leura regions and all points in between Miss Poppy has sung her way into people’s hearts, before finally returning to Perth.

Miss Poppy’s story is interesting, inspiring and a remarkable tale of courage in the face of major hurdles. After recovering from a Stroke, and bad management, Miss Poppy found Perth to be her solace with a well earned rest from the hectic music business.

For now, Miss Poppy has embarked on another career with the assistance of the Belmont Enterprise Centre and the Textile, Footwear and Clothing  organisation. Miss Poppy has again seen success with the recent launch of her own clothing line called, what else of course, but Miss Poppy Designs! Her first showing was for a line of corporate suits with Tribal designs under her brand new label of Joe Henry – named after her late brother, Joe Henry Wells.

Miss Poppy plans to take her new Fashion label back to New Zealand to assist with the micro industry in the Whangaruru area. Her particular focus will be on the Afro-American theme.

At a recent TCF function where SHI Symbol showed their latest range of merchandise, Miss Poppy was so taken with what SHI Symbol means and how much freedom it afforded her to chat with others, she wanted one for herself, but to wear with her Tribal symbol. This way, not only do other Singles see she is Single, Happy and Interested, but is also a proud member of the Whangaruru community. “It gives me the freedom to strike up a conversation with others wearing the symbol in a more sincere and non-threatening, caring way  Having a SHI Symbol gives people alternative opportunities for them to get together which is great for me because I’m not so keen on Internet Dating – all the romance seems to have been taken out of it.  explained Miss Poppy.

Miss Poppy still entertains us at various events, generally in conjunction with the BEC. So, if you’d like to once again see Miss Poppy ‘in action’, watch this space and we’ll let you know when the next function is on.

Singer and Fashion Designer Miss Poppy with her SHI Symbol and Tribal Pendant

Singer and Fashion Designer Miss Poppy with her SHI Symbol and Tribal Pendant

Match Up Parties all the Rage

Who would have thought – a fancy dress party with a difference and all with a view to meeting your match in more ways than one. If you want a party with a difference and a great way to meet new people – Single or otherwise! try this out.

Rubik’s Cube has a lot to answer for and yet this idea I like. Inspired by the colours of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, you and your party guests have to dress from top to toe in 6 separate clothing items that represent the 6 colours of the Rubik’s Cube. This bit’s easy – make sure you have 6 items in the colours of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

But, there’s more and this is where it gets to be a lot of fun and a great way to chat to new men and women. Throughout the party your mission is to trade your coloured items, one at a time, with someone else until you are visible only in ONE colour – that is – you have solved your Rubik’s Cube/Person puzzle! Believe it or not, it is quite a difficult thing to achieve – but it sure is a great way to break the ice and find new friends and start relationships.

Try it sometime and we’d love your feedback. Maybe you could let us know how quickly you solved your puzzle! Better still, tell us how many new people you met and how many you scored a date with.

Brilliant idea – whoever thought of it and thank you to Mr Rubik too. You never know, we might even institute these at our SHI Symbol Parties.