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You’re Adding Friends too Quickly – Your Account will be Blocked…

Sounds familiar? Well if you’re a Facebook devotee you will undoubtedly have seen this ‘friendly’ message on the world’s most used social networking tool of choice.

And therein lies the problem. Facebook quickly evolved to be a social networking tool and caught on by the millions – apparently about 300million of us use FB every day. Sounds great, particularly when you see how many wonderful fun applications have been developed to work on this social platform. Again wonderful – BUT by the very nature of what Facebook is all about – connecting with friends and other people to NETWORK you would think there would not be a problem with trying to ADD FRIENDS. But this seems to be by far the biggest issue to me and those people I’ve surveyed, as well as the stacks of disgruntled Facebook fans affected by draconian steps taken by FB hierarchy to limit you requesting to add friends, that you’d wonder why Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t taken the logical step of issuing an edict stating you are limited to asking friends to connect with you via FB to x no. friends per hour or per day.  That way there’d be no ambiguity or changing goalposts as it appears to be – certain people can add 10 people, others 30, others 3 before they receive this wonderful You will Be Exterminated message equivalent!

From what I can understand and I’m a relative newbie to FB but have already fallen foul trying to connect with others, you can receive as many friend requests as you want but you can only ask to be a friend of others a certain number of times in a day or is it an hour before you receive this type of message.

There’s an interesting blog post by on how they created a new account and added friend successfully. It’s also a recent one – but don’t know if it will still work as Facebook is a law unto themselves and the rules seem to change with the wind – or so it appears.

With the people I’ve already spoken to about this problem they are jacked off because they couldn’t ask friends to join them in Mafia Wars because they needed to build their ‘base ‘ up and had invested $280 (real dollars) in the same. Now they are blocked out. Not Happy!

Others have been trying to add their Classmates – going to a reunion and wanting to connect with as many as possible to make the event a real success.

Still others have been endeavouring to use Facebook’s own Friend Suggestions and then get rewarded by the friendly You will be blocked message! Feedback is – why the heck does Facebook suggest friends for me to connect with if you make it so difficult if not impossible to connect with them.

Then there are the Captcha’s – that’s another story altogether. Not only do you have to key the code in to try to request a friend, but sometimes for just about every other activity with FB. Is this Overkill or what? What’s so social about this site again? I’ve forgotten.

And then there’s the 5000 friend limit – sorry – this IS a social networking site isn’t it?

With all the technological know how these days, surely it can’t be that difficult for Facebook gurus to work out a bit of STANDARDIZED limiting code for people requesting a number of friends per hour or day to join them on Facebook – and then PUBLISH THIS in their terms and conditions or on a FB update. I’m positive word would get around and there’d be less disgrunted Facebook users.

My other suggestion for Facebook would be to engage in FREE LIVE CHAT – with the apparent billions Facebook is worth, why not invest a little bit of money towards the FREE LIVE CHAT scenario for users of Facebook. That way people not understanding some of Facebook’s rules – in particular the one mentioned above re requesting friends, can get a straight answer from someone actually looking at their site at that moment.

Just viewing the various blogs and topics relating to unhappy Facebook viewers and members there MUST be a better way. If blind freddy can see it, why can’t Mark? Or is there a hidden agenda?

BTW – don’t forget to add me as your friend!

facebook logo
Connect with Jan on Facebook

                                                                                                                    Would love your thoughts and your experiences with  using Facebook. Anyone been blocked from using Facebook? What did you do? Have you found a ‘workaround’ for a Faceook requesting friends problem? Anyone know the all important figure of how many people you can request to be your friend on Facebook every day or every hour? Any other Social Networks you think will give Facebook a run for it’s money?


Fresh New Look Blog coming your way

Well it had to happen sooner or later – well in my case Later!

You are about to see a brand new BLOG SITE – Yes all of your favorite content will be there, just in a much more eye appealing style and with another WordPress theme. As we speak a little Blog Site Guru – aka Andrew is busy working away to tweak it into shape. This time next week (I think it will be in 24 hours, but hey nothing ever works the way it should with computers so I’m giving it a week!) you will be looking at the new you beaut SHI Symbol International BLOG.

new beginning sunriseYou don’t need to do anything except spread the word about the blog. You will still find us the same way you did before. It is just the ‘style’ that is a changing!

Fashion Rules again – Destination…Over the Top

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the Haute Couture world of Paris Fashion – you need look no further than this scintillating piece of news – and check out the outfits too…

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the TopIt is that twice Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Topa year ritual that can only be described as “the wet dream of the fashion world.” It is HAUTE COUTURE time in Paris where one can bring to life the dreams that only the real “createurs of this art” can dream…………….no expense need be spared and the ateliers show why they have bragging rights in the fantasy cum reality time we know as HAUTE COUTURE.

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the TopIn what can only be described as an exhibit, rather than show, with a cacophony of colors, John Galliano for Dior has once again opened the season with his own brand of brilliance. Even though one is able to discern the references from Monsieur Dior and from Charles James, one is so distracted by the laser vision of Mr. Galliano and his ability to bring that vision to the runway…….and that the references are obliterated by the spectacle of the clothes themselves. None of this acts to the detriment of what can only be described as over the top fashion, if one can even call it that. The point here is that Dior Couture is beyond just another garment, it is one of the quintessential Couture collections year after year. My biggest hope is that one client has been collecting these masterpieces so that generations to come can appreciate the workmanship and vision that enabled the creations to grace a runway.Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Top

ALEXIS MABILLE offers a concise collection that is driven only by one idea……….chic. Whether it is the full skirted lace or the divine slim column of a black gown with colorful “bow top,” there is a young but old world quality and esthetic to these clothes making them ageless

BOUCHRA JARRAR is another young designer who offered up what I consider to be the antithesis of the usual couture fare. What sets it apart is its apparent clean lines and extreme simplicity. It conjures thoughts of Geoffrey Beene whose name you rarely hear anymore but whose talent for razor sharp appearingly simple garments were anything but…………..

I urge everyone to see, for themselves, the wonders of HAUTE COUTURE at STYLE.COM

Fashion by the Rules - Destination Over the Top

As usual, this wonderful piece was written by Fashionista Jeffrey B Felner of Fashion by the Rules fame! Thank you Jeffrey.

And don’t forget to watch for Fashion updates over the next 3 days.

BCMG IPhone Application for Music, Entertainment and much more…

If you haven’t yet checked out the latest IPhone application by Black Cherry Music Group or BCMG – give it a go. Just Download this app and stay connected to all of BCMG’s music, news, tweets, videos, and other content in real-time.

The wonderful Chris Leyva – fabulous musician, artistic director and driving force behind Black Cherry Music Group, has been instrumental in the creation of this IPhone app.

So for all the Singles out there wanting to know what is the best club to go to Meet Your Match, to see your favorite band, or just somewhere to go hang out; for all the couples out there seeking a cosy venue for a romantic interlude and for everyone else who’d like to hear about all the fun and excitement that the music and entertainment industries can provide for us – Download the Black Cherry Music Group IPhone app now.

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

Black Cherry Music Group IPhone App screen shot - blog provided by SHI SYmbol International

And of course it’s well worth viewing all the info on the Iphone app – heaps of photos, always lots of news in the Entertainment industry and of course the SHI Symbol blog – always a great read for Singles as well as anyone who loves a bit of fun.

Coupons Galore – Save, Save, Save – watch this space…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Single or not, let’s face it we all like to grab a bargain.

Very shortly by simply being a reader of the SHI Symbol International blog you will be exposed to a wide range of coupons and vouchers  that can literally save you hundreds of dollars. If you like eating out, partying, traveling, enjoy the DIY stuff, must be dressed in the latest fashions, love to pamper yourself with spas, cosmetics and much much more – the lovely Ashley Walkup will provide us with all manner of coupons and specials where YOU can save.

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

SHI Symbol's Coupon Super Sleuth - the lovely Ashley

Ashley has been doing this for a while with particularly helping Mums and kids  ( – now it’s our turn!

Please do let us know just what sort of savings you’d like to make, the shops, the products and see featured on this blog. Between us, we will find something to suit everyone’s desires I’m sure.

Fashion Guru provides Weekly Dose of What’s Hot and What’s Not…


Jeffrey B Felner Fashion Guru & writer for SHI Symbol International

Jeffrey B Felner Fashion Guru

SHI Symbol is very pleased to announce New York fashion writer, Jeffrey B Felner’s contribution to this blog. You’ll be kept abreast of What’s Hot and What’s Not, the latest trends, fashion faux pas and more every week.

Jeffrey’s first post is very topical with Earth Day literally upon us – today!

Do enjoy and please give us some feedback. We’d love to put more of what YOU want to know or read about.

FASHION BY THE RULES: Eco Fashions 2010 

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.

In recognition of this day, I thought that I might spotlight 2 different companies that are trying to make a difference to the environment of this country in particular.

With a name like DIRTBALL FASHION, one might get the wrong idea, but in

Dirtball Fashions White Tee Shirt

fact, the company produces a selection of tee shirts and recycled fashion for members of the entire family.  They have even taken into consideration that since the items are produced in America, they have reduced the carbon footprint by lowering their shipping distances. Joe Fox is the president of this innovative company that is making a difference in how we market fashion in the 21 century. Please visit them at   for a complete presentation and facts about producing garments in an ecologically friendly way.

Earth Day fashion jewelry

Earth Day fashion jewelry

Next up, is a jewelry company, which dedicates its Xo green collection which is made with recycled material as a reminder that we must keep mother earth beautiful. The geometrically based designs are offered in many distinct colorations and also in a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  The designs are not age specific so they can be worn by kids and adults with the same pleasing effect.

EArth Day earrings

Earth Day Earrings

Basically these 2 companies serve as a reminder that there are many ways to be involved with the environment and that doing so is not just about tree hugging and giving up all the things we have so become accustomed to during our lives.




You can read more of Jeffrey’s updates here and of course on his own blog at

Summer’s new Metallic Tee Shirts for Singles – OUT NOW

SHI Symbol women's black/metallic silver T Shirt side view

SHI Symbol women's black/metallic silver T Shirt side view

Yes, they’re finally here. The long awaited Silver Metallic on Black or White Tees have arrived. They are just stunning and so COOOOOOOOLLLL…. Announced on Facebook this afternoon and being very well received. Get yours today, you won’t be disappointed.

Wear it, be spotted or spot someone you’d like to chat to. A great conversation starter and that’s what it’s all about. Meet Your Match the easy way.

View the pics here or on Facebook because at this moment (14th April)  I can’t get the Men’s shirt pics to load on the website. However, all the other info re cotton, pricing etc is accurate and you CAN order them right now.

SHI Symbol Women's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, front view

SHI Symbol Women's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, front view

SHI Symbol's Black/Metallic Silver Women's T Shirt, back view

SHI Symbol's Black/Metallic Silver Women's T Shirt, back view

SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, front view

SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, front view


SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic T Shirt, side view

SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic T Shirt, side view

SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, Back view

SHI Symbol Men's Black/Metallic Silver T Shirt, Back view

And don’t forget – these gorgeous T Shirts come in White with Metallic Silver also. And, of course, come in both Men’s and Ladies styles and fits in different sizes.

Get yours now by going to the SHI Symbol website.

It’s YOUR turn now – a Special Invitation to YOU

We’re inviting everyone who gets a T shirt to send us a photo of you wearing yours and we’ll post it on this blog. After all, you are Single, Happy and Interested and want people to know you’d like to meet them….we’re here to help, that’s what SHI Symbol’s all about! We can even do a link  to an email address from your photo if you so wish. Just send them to and we’ll do the rest for you. 

Special thanks to Rob and Adriana at Promoventures in San Diego for the ‘finished product’ and to Chris Leyva of Black Cherry Music Group for the fashionable design.