Single and Celebrating the 4th of July

Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day, while marking the birth of our nation, takes on a whole new significance for the single gal.  Yes, it does mean another holiday alone, but it’s also a great time to reflect on the fact that, like the United States of America, you have broken away from the authority figures of the world (parents, spouses, and all of the restrictions that inevitably come with them) and are a truly independent and sovereign nation unto yourself.  That is definitely worth celebrating!  Plus, you’re going to get a lot of invites to picnics and BBQs where you might just meet some other lone wolves looking for love.  But what’s the best way for a single girl to celebrate a holiday that is predominantly geared towards family gatherings?

Perhaps you feel that tagging along to family affairs will only make you a fifth wheel.  But try to remember that you’re not the only single person on the planet and you could end up having a lot of fun with your brother’s cute, available friends.  That said, family-centric gatherings can be uncomfortable and snooze-worthy (especially if Uncle Eddy insists on singing the Star Spangled Banner every hour on the hour).  And do you really want to subject yourself to recriminations from your mom and aunts about how your biological clock is ticking even though you’re only twenty-five?  Please.  You’re single and you love it!  So why not throw your own shindig for other singles?

Get together some guy and girl friends that are equally leery of family fare and set up a mixer for this 4th of July.  Take over a few picnic tables at the local park or camp out on lawn chairs in your front yard with burgers, beers, and some get-to-know-you games (a little dancing music couldn’t hurt either).  Better yet, take your revelry to a campsite and have guests pitch a tent for the night so everyone can have a good time without the worry of driving home (and just see how many tents trade partners!).  A singles mixer is a great way to have some holiday fun without trying to navigate those tricky familial waters.  And don’t let mom lure you with her wicked-good potato salad, either (you can pick up some leftovers the next day).

You could also take advantage of ridiculously good sales to get that new convertible you’ve had your eye on.  What do you have to lose?  You’re single and you should celebrate the fact that you don’t have to drive an SUV to accommodate kids, pets, a spouse, sports equipment, and fifty pounds of groceries every week.  So take a seat in the go-cart of a car that is the Miata (hard-top convertible, oh yeah) and think about how much you’ll enjoy driving solo.

Finally, there are the fireworks to consider (both in the sky and here on Earth)!  Nothing is more romantic than parking it under the stars and laying a blanket on the hood to watch the proverbial rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.  If you do manage to nab a date, you can ensure some sparks of your own by getting intimate under the soft glow of shimmery sparklers and the heart-stopping reverberation of combustibles going boom!  Being young and single certainly has its perks.

Guest post by Leah Darvis of Debit Cards where you can find a prepaid GreenDot card.

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