5 Fun Dates You Never Thought Of

Dating can be both fun and frustrating, especially if you’re the one coming up with all the plans.  You’ve done dinners, movies, concerts, sporting events, and even a romantic walk on the beach.  You hit rock bottom when you resorted to taking your date to a party with all of your friends (in which a rousing serenade of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by your beer-swilling buddies actually saved the night).  But you’ve found that your coffers of ingenuity are empty and you simply can’t produce a new and exciting date night to keep your love interest, well, interested.  So here are a few off-the-wall date ideas that you can use to spice things up a bit.

  1.  Go for a ride…in an airplane.  Every little kid dreams of flying, so make the fantasy a reality by scheduling a flight lesson. 
    flying lessons - another fun date idea

    flying lessons - another fun date idea

    You can probably find an instructor locally or in a nearby town, and although it’s expensive and you may have to go through several hours of initial lessons, it will all be worthwhile when you gun the throttle and pull a barrel-roll.  If your significant other isn’t the adventurous sort, you don’t have to scrap the plan entirely.  Go for a ride in a hot-air balloon instead.  It’s a bit more relaxing, but still spectacular.

    Here's a fun date idea - Sand Boarding

    Here's a fun date idea - Sand Boarding

  2. Check out a roller derby.  What could be better than a little mayhem as scantily-clad beauty-school dropouts shove and stumble their way around the track in an attempt to obliterate the other team (all while precariously balanced on roller skates)?  This fleshy take on the classic mash-up derby is both awesome and engrossing.
  3. Drive to the border and spit on another state.  Nothing says you love your home state better than defiling your neighbor.  Check out the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives website to find a fun local eatery along the way and don’t forget to plan ahead by making an appropriate road-trip mix for your iPod.
  4. Build a backyard fort.  Use anything and everything (lawn furniture, blankets, pillows, Christmas lights, a painting of dogs playing poker) to build and decorate the best fort possible, then have a picnic inside and camp out for the night.  This is a great activity because it is both physically and mentally stimulating…and a secluded little cave might really get your partner in the right mood.
  5. Play sexy bingo.  Create a set of cards that is covered in steamy suggestions like “foot massage”, “striptease”, and “whipped cream bikini”.  The winner then gets to choose from the stamped boxes on the card which activity the loser will perform.  Just make sure you have all the accessories you might need on hand.


Bonus: If all of the ideas mentioned above seem a little too out-there for your taste, try something a bit more tame by learning to cook a new kind of food, whether you’re rolling sushi, spicing it up Thai style, or getting saucy with Fondue.  Trying something new is always fun and it could be delicious.

All the best dates share some common traits.  They must be unique, interesting, and above all, fun.  But it’s not easy to keep coming up with new ideas.  So if you find yourself in a quandary as to what to do on a Saturday night, consider something that will be a learning experience, check out the local events page in the paper, get out of town, think back to the ingenuity of childhood, or take a new twist on an old classic.  Whichever you choose, you’re sure to come up with something that will wow your partner and make a great story for your future grandkids.

Patrick Mickz is an avid Bingo Player and he enjoys playing fun and educational games. You can visit his site Printable Bingo Cards.


2 responses to “5 Fun Dates You Never Thought Of

  1. There are some fun ideas here and I just love the sand boarding photo. It looks like I might have some fun putting these into action!

  2. Thanks Sarah for your comments. I too love sand boarding. And for a real adrenaline rush and for a date with a difference how about a hairy 4 wheel drive adventure – now that’s a fun date!

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