Brain Power – is yours hidden?

I love exercising and am seriously considering the Zumba craze, after all SHI Symbol’s even written about the ‘trend’ before it really became a trend. But, I love exercising my brain – in fact more so than my body these

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition

SHI Symbol Emag July 2009 Edition


However, as

I’m also all for warding off

Alzheimer’s, engage in the odd puzzle or three, Scrabble and word games. Don’t know if you remember the segment in the July 2009 Emag on how to keep your brain fit, and increase your memory – well this is for you. And if you want to view that Emag issue just go to our website and click on Emags or click this jpg

Today I have a mind bender just for you. See if you can decipher this Cryptogram – basically it’s code writing. Anyone from Benchley Park a fan here?


If you’re after a clue: W = N

And if you need an incentive – first one to post the correct answer here on the SHI Symbol Blog wins a $99  membership for you and your family’s use.

Go to it!

Please spread the word on your FB, Twitter and other social networking sites – see how fast we can get a winner.


4 responses to “Brain Power – is yours hidden?

  1. I thought I had it but then realized I can’t read gobbledygook! Back to the drawing board. Thanks for such a mindbender. Maybe I should get my teenage kid looking at it – they play games all the time. LOL

  2. hey whats your myspace page.

  3. just stopping by to say hey 🙂

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