Sandro Reali Sunglasses SHI Symbol Blogpost June 2010

Sandro Reali Sunglasses

As we all know, fashion is an enormous international conglomerate which has an endless inventory, endless database of designers and an endless audience. During my search for some of the newer and newest designers, I was fortunate enough to find Sandro Reali who certainly has found his way via many paths within the business of fashion.

Born of Italian heritage and wit a family history steeped in the creation of fashion, Mr.Reali believed that he would study menswear at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. Not long after his graduation he continued the path by accepting a position for PORTS INTERNATIONAL. By accepting the new position, he also accepted that he had to move to China. This was an excessively brave move, given the years which was 1992. China was on the cusp of becoming what it is today and he wanted to ride the wave into the next century. By 2006 he was appointed the designer of menswear which now gave him “legs” so to speak and he was travelling to the fashion capitals of the world.

Sandro Reali Shades

Sandro Reali Shades

Fast forward, and it is 2010 and Sandro Reali is the founder and Creative Director of a design and retail consultancy while focusing his own talents on SANDRO REALI eyewear.

The collection which is for men and women is constructed of the finest materials from Europe and then transported to his facility in China. You would be mistaken to think that the product is of the usual “China’ quality for these are hand made using the finest craftsmen so that each pair is expertly polished, detailed, cut and finished by hand. Each prototype requires 60 days of work so that all the elements, which make these sunglasses perfect, can be completed with perfect edges to insure maximum comfort and beauty for their owner.

Sandro Reali Eyewear

Sandro Reali Eyewear

The collections, that you find at are inspired from the 60’s and 70’s but they have been tweaked to meet the standards of the 21st century. The website and the eyewear is exquisite, so please take the time to investigate

Sandro Reali Shades

Sandro Reali Shades

As for Mr. Reali, he splits his time between his homes in Toronto and Xiamen to insure the highest of quality.

And I remain here at, New York City, and Facebook……… always.

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