Four Ways to Reduce Stress

Single and stress free - it's possible

Single and stress free - it's possible

Being single isn’t simple. In fact, singleness can be a leading factor to your stress levels which come from a mental instability. It’s difficult to figure out who is single and who is straight. The SHI Symbol relieves a lot of the stress for you, but there are other simple ways that you can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your first date.

Stress is not always as negative as it is purported to be. In fact, it can frequently be the catalyst that gets us going and provides us with the energy and motivation to accomplish our goals. However, if it is allowed to gain too much of a footing in our lives, stress can have dangerous physical and psychological consequences. With this in mind, here are four of the most effective ways to relieve stress. They won’t eliminate it altogether, but a little stress isn’t such a bad thing.

Method 1.” Exercise. You’ve heard people talk about endorphins. They are naturally occurring opiates, chemicals secreted in your brain which make you feel good. By getting your body moving, you can not only enhance your level of physical fitness, but you can lower your inner tensions as well.

Method 2.” Meditate. Remember those endorphins we talked about? Running a marathon isn’t the only way to nudge your brain into producing them. Scientific studies have suggested that an on-going practice of quiet contemplation or inner focus will lower your blood pressure and lighten your psychic burden. Some forms of meditation encourage you to clear your mind, while others promote focus on a particular concept or mantra word as a way to find inner peace. Regardless of the specific discipline, however, meditation, as well as its more physical counterpart yoga, might be the solution to your overabundance of stress.

Method 3. Write it down. Sometimes, our inner tensions build up to such an extent that they become distorted. We may not even know what is bothering us anymore. Journaling can be a terrific way to reconnect with yourself. Set up a realistic daily writing schedule and stick to it. During the specified time frame, sit down and write whatever comes into your head. Do not proofread or self-edit. When you’re stumped for something to say, just write gibberish. The key to this exercise is that, in a few weeks, you will be able to look back on your handiwork. You’ll be amazed at everything that’s going on in your head. Now you’ll know what you’re dealing with, making it easier to take corrective steps to reduce your stress.

Method 4. Take action. Once you have recognized the source of your excessive stress, it’s time to confront it head-on. Take steps to heal that destructive personal or work relationship, for instance. Devise ways to get your job done more efficiently so you’re not always under the gun. If money is at the root of your stress, ask yourself what you can do to ease the pressure.

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Our lightning-fast, hyper-intense society creates stress at unsustainable levels for countless people. There are social workers, psychologists and clergy specially trained in helping you achieve the relief you seek. You don’t have to live with dangerously high stress for another minute.

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