7 Tips for Single Travelers

Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler

I love traveling and frequently I ended up traveling alone for different reasons. Most often friends were either already in a relationship and it was not on their agenda to travel at that time, or they hadn’t managed to save enough to be able to get away. Traveling as a Single had it’s moments, but also gave me a lot of flexibility. If you’re Single and contemplating traveling alone – go for it, just follow your instinct and you should not get into any trouble. Otherwise, you could wait and wait and watch the world go by

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Traveling alone can be a scary thing, but exciting at the same time.  If you’re planning a trip in the future, or maybe you’re getting ready to go on one, I wanted to give you some great tips that you can use in order to stay safe on your solo adventures.  As long as you use your head and play it smart, you should be okay.

#1 Try to limit your cash: If you’re going somewhere where you can use your credit cards, bring them.  If you lose your credit cards, write down the numbers in a safe place so that you can cancel them.  That way, if someone decides to steal your wallet, they really aren’t going to get much!

#2 Know what you’re going to do:  It’s always best to have a schedule.  Where are you going to go, as well as what are you going to do?  Are you going to join up any groups?  Are you going to go alone?  Make sure that you’re going to familiar with the area before you do anything.

#3 How safe is the hotel area?  With the Internet, you can get loads of information.  What you’re going to want to do is check out your hotel area.  Generally, the higher the star rating is, the better the area is going to be.  See what other people have to say about it, as well as check out some pictures online.

#4 Stay in crowds:  When checking out the scenery and landmarks, try to stay around crowds.  If you start going off the path, this is where it can cause some trouble.  As long as there are always people around, you should be okay.

#5 Stay in at night: There really shouldn’t be a reason to go out at night.  If you can avoid going out at night, try to stay in your hotel room.  If you can, try and eat your dinners before hand to avoid any sorts of trouble.

#6 Always carry a cell phone:  Cell phones come in handy.  If you ever feel that you’re in need, call for help.  If you don’t have a cell phone, consider borrowing one from a family member or friend.  This could help you out tremendously.

#7 Watch who you talk with:  Of course there are always going to be those people that try to take advantage of you.   Watch who you talk with and never accept an invite if invited somewhere you don’t feel comfortable.

Always trust your gut.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, don’t do it!  You can still have fun while traveling single, but just make sure that you play it smart, as well as use your head.

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SHI Symbol for Singles around the world

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