By all standards these are not your average next door neighbor types nor are they to be found at your corner store but they might just be the most talented design team you have ever met! Meet THE BLONDS, Phillipe and David. If you ever dreamed of dressing like a rock star, that dream is in reach!

They are the 21st century’s answer to Bob Mackie but think Bob Mackie with the downtown edge and instead of Cher and Carol Burnett, think Rhianna and Adam Lambert. The key here is that these two have become this sort of inside secret for those who style some of the most popular performers in the world and you may not know them by name but you have seen their work. This is like having a number one song and no one knows who sings it.

The couple operates out of New York City and also has a ready to wear business aside from their stage wear. As you might have have guessed, the clothes are not for the weak of heart and certainly not for wallflowers but they are fabulous!! One can only hope that in this world of $5,000 and $10,000 dresses, there is one very savvy retailer that will be captivated by the appeal of these dresses. I know that given these economic times, that many clients have chosen a more discreet look but the truth is that they pay just as much to blend in as they can to be spectacular.

Just a word of thanks to MAO Public Relations for access to their press kit and for allowing me to introduce all of you to them and their work.

Please also take note that they have just received huge press with the release of the latest Miley Cyrus video where the teen star wears one of their metal creations valued at $25,000.

If you ladies at SHI SYMBOL want to get noticed………try  one of these creations on for size !!!

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The Blonds

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