Unusual Places to go on a First Date

First Dates

First Dates

First dates have evolved considerably since the Middle Ages, when a couples´ introduction to each other may not have been until they met at the altar! Dating has now become an industry in its own right with books, magazines and web sites dedicated to ensuring that you select the right place to go, are suitably attired and create a flawless impression with your potential partner. Advice is frequently offered on how to avoid the mundane and make that first encounter special, and inasmuch as a film, dinner or riverboat ride may be romantic, we cannot all afford to do it in Paris (which would be memorable!). So, here are a few suggestions for making that never-to-be-forgotten first date, which will tell you more about your potential partner than just the way they slurp their spaghetti.

Paintball. Starting a new relationship in a fight! Is this such a good idea? Well, provided you are both on the same side, you will be working together as a couple to ensure that the team you are in achieve their objective. Paintballing can be a lot of fun, and involves planning, strategy and teamwork as well as the physical element of pumping emulsion into each other a lá Tarantino. Tip 1. If your female partner greets this suggestion with more enthusiasm than you anticipated – worry!

Star Trek Convention

Star Trek Convention

Elvis/Star Trek/Rocky Horror Show Conventions

These are fantastic opportunities to dress up as your idol or favorite character and exchange stories about your most precious moments. The chance is that you will discover more about each other than you would have at a movie, and this will be an event that you always look back on and make part of your future plans. Tip 2. If your male partner looks better than you in make-up and stockings, you may want to re-consider this option.

Acupuncture to Stop Smoking. You may have first made eye contact sheltering from the elements as you take a cigarette break from the office, but now you want to take the relationship further. What better way to start a future life together than committing to give up smoking and making an appointment to see an acupuncturist? Tip 3. Do not bring your cigarettes with you on this date!



Visit a Psychic. This is a make or break first date. No need to worry about what your friends think about your new potential partner. Forget about what your horoscope says in the dailies. Consult somebody who is supposed to know which way your life is going and who with, and you will find out whether this relationship is doomed to failure or if you will live happily ever after. Tip 4. Go dutch on this date – just in case!

Get a Tattoo. Getting a tattoo is possibly a step further than most people expecting a pizza and cup of coffee would have anticipated on their first date. However, if you know that your date has an interest in tattooing, the emotional and physical act of indelibly marking your skin will leave more than a lasting image on your body! Tip 5. If your partner intends to engrave your name all over their body, you may have a “Fatal Attraction” problem.

Dog Obedience Classes. If you share a love of mans best friend, then there is a good chance that you will be compatible too. However, dogs can reflect their owners´ characteristics, so if your partner’s dog refuses to follow simple commands this may be an indication of what the future holds! Attending a dog obedience class is a great opportunity for you and your dogs to bond, and will be a sharing experience that you will always remember. Tip 6. You will both need a dog!

Guest Post by Massage Therapy, the premier online resource for those trying to locate a massage therapy school.

EdAnd – hey – here’s another great first date idea – give each other a relaxing foot therapy – reflexology is renowned for getting your body tuned up, putting you in a peaceful space and generally giving you the greatest opportunity to make the most of your first date! And if you can’t do this to each other, book in for a ‘couples’ foot massage at your local massage center!


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