Singles doing their bit for Earth Day…

Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd 2010 with SHI Symbol

Earth Day April 22nd 2010

Earth Day is coming up 22nd April and we thought we’d share a few ideas on just how Singles can help out on Earth Day.

It’s all about recycling, renewing and reusing to help the world and changing the way we do things to support these edicts if we can. 

A lovely gesture for that special friend or that special friend to be, could be to create a little card or gift using some ‘existing’ items. Kids get such a kick out of making things and we love receiving them, and it’s no different when another special person in our lives makes the effort to do just that. It’s all about  the thought behind it not how much the item costs.

A couple of other things that come to mind are bathe with a friend, save water, power and so on, not to mention geting to know one another.

Anther gem would be to have a very romantic candlelit dinner date. No more power, can’t see the blemishes and if he’s done the cooking you can’t examine what’s on the plate too much – maybe just as well. (Kidding guys!). Enhance the evening with little scented (natural of course!) votiv candles around the room, giving a beautiful ambience and mood to the occasion.

Definitely don’t do a takeaway dessert that night – that would kill all the good work you’ve done with cooking your very own special dinner. A goodie that is so effective and absolutely delicious and doesn’t take much power is a chocolate fondue – great for sharing and dipping pieces of fruit such as strawberries, oranges, pears, apples and of course marshmallows. A trick with the chocolate melting is to do it in the microwave – doesn’t take long at all – so watch it as it looks like it HASN”T melted but it has. Saves power too because it’s so quick.

If you must go OUT to eat, pick a restaurant that embraces Earth Day – they probably will anyway with candlelit tables so you’re on a winner there.

And of course, walk to your favorite restaurant and leave the car at home. Not only will it be good for your waistline, but good for the environment also.

And one final thought. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, what a perfect way to get up close and personal with your date. Snuggle up in a blanket sure, but you could create your own heat by having a little dance. And I wasn’t thinking of horizontal folk dancing but if the urge takes you…

Happy Earth Day to you and all the other men and women, Single or otherwise reading this.

I’d love for you to share what you will be doing to help support Earth Day across the globe.

One response to “Singles doing their bit for Earth Day…

  1. Gemma in Jeans

    I’m up for sharing a shower with a friend – any takers? I’ll do my bit for Earth Day.

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