Philosophy for Old Age

This beautiful Powerpoint presentation was passed on to me by my lovely friend Tony – probably for a number of reasons, but the one I’m hoping it was for is because I love photography – and these images are just stunning. I wish I was as talented as this.

What’s this got to do with Singles, dating, partying, falling in love, finding the man or woman of your dreams, being married, having kids, working, working and working. Well nothing in some ways, but everything in others. 

Just take a moment to view this most beautiful ppt – and the music is lovely also, and you will be reminded just how wonderful life is, live it like every day is your last and make the most of every day. Don’t wish you life away, it zooms by so quickly as it is. Look it’s now 10th April 2010 – I still remember when there was the hoohah about the “Millenium Bug” and I can’t believe that was 10 YEARS ago.

If you’re 16 and wishing you were 23 – don’t, you will be soon enough! In your 20’s and can’t wait till you’re 30 and ‘made it’ in your company? It’ll happen, just enjoy the ride. If you’re in your 30s, have a couple of rugrats and wish you were ‘free’ – just look at them when they’re asleep and you’ll wish you could have those precious moments all over again one day.

If you’re happily married and you’ve found your niche in life, that’s just perfect. If you’re Single and looking for the man or woman of your dreams – enjoy every day in the meantime. If you’re Single or in a relationship, and happy in the ‘place’ you’re at at the moment – that’s just wonderful. Whatever our situation, there’s no need for us to age quicker than time does for us.

Feel free to share this post with all your friends and family. At worst they’ll enjoy the photos and/or music. At best they’ll take in the beautiful message within this presentation. Either way, you’ll have helped to put a smile on their face and to make a difference to their day.

screen shot philosophy on ageing

screen shot philosophy on ageing



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