Zumba: A Virgins Guide to Staying Abstinent

I’ve always loved music, dance, exercise etc so when Zumba came along – well, I just had to find out more. In our November SHI Symbol Emag there was a feature on the increasingly popular Zumba movement. Today I have Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson who has been a devotee of Zumba long before it became trendy to be involved. Over to you Jennee…

SHI Symbol Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson on Zumba

SHI Symbol Guest Columnist Jennee Thompson on Zumba

Zumba is now well known around the world. Most people think that it is a hot new craze, but I’ve been doing Zumba for almost ten years! I was doing it when people thought I was having a case of word vomit when they asked how I was losing weight.

“Zumba!” I excitedly would tell them about salsa, merengue and belly dancing. They’re eyes would always tell me that they had no idea what I was talking about. But I loved to work out with Beto and the gang. Yes, I was one of the few that purchased the unknown dvd series in 2002, which is why no one believes that I have been doing zumba as long as I have.

 Not only am I a zumba girl, I’m also a virgin. I was one of those young girls that promised myself that sex was for marriage and that my virginity would be my wedding present to my husband….except, I thought that I would be married by now and didn’t realize the wait was going to be so difficult. 

Therefore, I was happy to discover Zumba. Zumba is intoxicating, addicting and sensual. It has been my guide to staying abstinent. 

It is a great release for sexual frustrations. The music is hot, and a lot of moves in a zumba workout include hip thrusts, booty shaking and any other sexual move. By the end of a class, I am sweaty and feeling good. It is currently my replacement for sex.

When I first started taking the class, I was self-conscious. I didn’t want to be sticking my rear in the air and shaking it all around for the world to see. The flow of music didn’t feel right. It was different and my all-American body couldn’t follow the unique beats. Then, the Latin bug bit me and it bites hard! I moved to Miami, Florida for over 3 years, taking in the Latin lifestyle and culture.

 I dance like a Latin girl now. And when I have a tan, I look like a Latin girl.

Now, that I’m living in Ohio, pale as a ghost, my classmates are in awe that I can move like I can move. I lose myself in the music and enjoy the movements that my body allows me to make. I am working at a local YMCA and they are going to send me to get a Zumba certification someday so that I can teach my own Zumba class and share the Latin energy with others.

 And someday, I plan on using these moves in the bedroom.

Now don’t forget to subscribe to the FREE SHI Symbol Emag here so you can find out more of what’s new and hip in the world these days. To read more of Jennee’s very entertaining posts, please check out her blog at http://jenneethompson.blogspot.com

2 responses to “Zumba: A Virgins Guide to Staying Abstinent

  1. I think I just inspired myself to go do the zumba video again!

  2. Go girl, go!!! This time I want pics…

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