Do you have a Love/Hate relationship with your iPhone app?

With the plethora of iphone dating apps out there – and the millions of people using them to find the man or woman of their dreams, feedback shows the concept is a great idea but there are often problems. For example one guy said, yes,  it finds my nearest match – but 200 miles away!

Example of iphone dating application

Example of iphone dating application

Another girl said – would be good – if I could only upload my picture, system isn’t letting me do it. Sort of fundamental to the success of finding one’s match you’d have thought???

Another user has said the apps are unreliable with one she uses or tried to use crashing before she could even use it properly. How frustrating!

Other comments include pop up ads being intrusive – yes that’s what they are…

Search functions not working correctly – you’d wonder why, surely this would be a basic thing?

Loading photos is seemingly an ongoing problem for loads of idating apps. Either they don’t load correctly, don’t load at all or are so slow to load you can make yourself a 3 course meal and eat it!

Generally the feedback is pretty awful – but thereagain, bad news travels fast.

I’m wondering what YOU think of your iPhone dating app or even dating game app. Please share your thoughts as to why you love – or hate your dating app or dating game app. Tell us what are the good things about it and the not so good. You never know, if we get enough reviewers we can come up with our own top 5 apps and of course we’ll list them here!

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