Predictions – Fact or Fiction?

Some thought provoking information below – is it fact or is it fiction?

I guess it depends on if you believe in the power people have when they can ‘predict’ the future.

My thanks to Tony Fernandes for sending me this information.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

Take a look at the following – the first piece includes some information on what was originally predicted for 2009 by someone called ‘Nikki’ – sorry no idea who this person is but I guess it doesn’t matter.

The second portion is the prediction record for 2010. I supposed we’ll know more on 1/1/2011 !!!

Last year Nikki predicted Sarah Palin would write a tell-all book, the split between Avril Lavigne and her husband, Jennifer Hudson would win a Grammy, that Kate Winslett would be nominated for an Oscar, and the Late  Heath Ledger would also be nominated for an Oscar.

Nikki predicted the plane crash over the Hudson River in New York City, the Monorail accident at Disneyworld Florida, Robin Williams’ health problems as well as she predicted the passing of Ted Kennedy, Unice Schriver, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson.

Here’s how Nikki sees 2010…

World Predictions
1. Trouble on the moons surface and atmosphere.
2. A hostage taking incident at a New York City bank.
3. An avalanche at Whistler, B.C..
4. The Lost City of Atlantis will be found.
5. More ancient Mummies will be found in Egypt .
6. Treasure from a Spanish Galleon Ship will be found under the sea.

7. A worldwide power blackout.
8. A tsunami in Japan .
9. Reptiles invading El Passo , Texas .
10. Another shooting, this time at a US Naval Base.
11. A terrorist attack at Edwards Airforce Base.
12. A fire on Broadway in New York .
13. A famous castle will burn to the ground.
14. Giant bats will attack a city in South America .
15. Tragedy at an oil rig.
16. A shooting in Copenhagen , Denmark in a popular shopping area – many people injured and killed.
17. A terrorist attack in Germany .
18. A terrorist attack in British Columbia .
19. An oil spill destroys the Mississippi River .
20. Trouble at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco , California .
21. A mysterious insect will kill the corn crop in Iowa , USA .
22. A huge breakthrough in the cure for Diabetes through stem cell research.
23. A bridge collapses in China killing thousands.
24. A fire at the home of the Wall Street Journal.

25. A commercial airliner crashes over the state of Arizona .
26. A plane will be hijacked at Toronto International Airport .
27. Two cruise ships will collide in the Caribbean .
28. Passing of Fidel Castro.
29. A very large earthquake in Seattle , Washington destroying a lot of landmarks and killing many people.
30. Many rare white lions will be found in Africa

31. A major coffee chain will go bankrupt.
32. A tragedy in the Rain Forest around a swinging bridge.
33. A blimp exploding over a stadium.
34. Danger around President Barack Obama.

35. Assassination attempt against President Barack Obama.
36. Assassination of Barack Obama.
37. Yet another sex scandal in Washington , DC .
38. More exotic insects in fruits and vegetables which are imported attacking people.
39. President Sarkozy of France in danger.

40. Tragedy at the Grand Canyon .

41. Trouble on the Paris subway.
42. Giant earthquake in California.
43. Giant earthquake in Los Angeles , San Francisco and San Diego .
44. A devastating earthquake in Rome and Naples , Italy .
45. A shark kills a famous Australian athlete.

46. A fire at the famed Redwood Forest north of San Francisco , California .

47. Danger around the Dali Lama.
48. Trouble and explosion at the Ambassador Bridge .
49. A famous Las Vegas casino hotel will burn to the ground.
50. Former US President Jimmy Carter has to watch his health.
51. A terrorist attack in Dubai.
52. Serious injuries to a Hollywood movie star on an amusement  ride at a theme park.

53. A person from the world of fashion will perish in a plane crash.
54. A cure for the disease Lupus.
55. A plane crashes at a major airport because of a computer glitch and problems.
56. A disease will kill maple trees..
57. An ocean liner will sink like the Titanic.
 58. More arm and leg transplants being successful.
 59. A ferry boat will capsize with many people on board.
60. Air Force One will be hijacked.
61. Washington, DC. On fire.
62. Pirates will hijack a cruise ship and kill some people onboard.
63. A famous Hollywood actor will be held for ransom.
64. A politician’s children will be kidnapped.
65. An insect will destroy lilac trees.
66. A major perfume company will go bankrupt.
67. A major heist at a New York museum.
68. A robbery at Tiffany’s in New York .
69. An explosion on the New York subway.
70. An explosion at Rockefeller Center .
71. A daredevil will attempt to climb the Empire State Building .
72. A worldwide computer virus.
73. More ancient dinosaur fossils will be found.
74. A ski lift will come tumbling down at a resort.

75. A sea serpent will be found off the coast of Japan .
76. Explosions in Iran .
77. Explosions at the Great Wall of China .
78. China and Tibet at war.
79. Ancient carvings and artifacts will be found in Mexico .
80. Hillary Clinton has to watch her health and an assassination attempt.
81. Bill Clinton has to watch his health.
82. Invasion of Iran by the US .
83. Iran will attack another country

84. A biological attack on the US .
85. A tsunami off the coast of Alaska .
86. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Alaska .
87. Sarah Palin will divorce.
88. Uprising in Venezuela .
89. Chavez has to be careful of his well being.
90. A daredevil will scale the Eiffel Tower .
91. Another planet with life will be found in the Universe.
92. Problems with North Korea .
93. North Korea will launch a missile towards Japan and South Korea .
94. Stock market will plunge including the Asian markets for a couple of days to a week but will recover.
95. A new species of fish will be found.
96. A terrorist attack in London , England , Los Angeles , NewYork , Scotland , Ireland , Toronto , Florida , and Chicago.
97. Arrest in the Madeline McCann case.
98. Arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

99. Americas Most Wanted John Walsh has to watch for danger and his health.
100. Nancy Grace will receive many awards.
101. Attacks in Karachi , Mumbai , Turkey , Calcutta , Oslo ,Norway .

102. The Sydney Opera House in Australia will have a massive fire

So are you all cheered up now?

If anyone knows who NIKKI is, please share with us. We’d love to chat with her.

And just in case you have someone equally as gifted in predicting the future, I wouldn’t mind a few more happy predictions! At least we’d have more to look forward to.


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