New Year’s Resolutions to beat – what is yours?



Thanks to all the girls and guys who have been busy making some New Year’s Resolutions and who sent me some to share with you all. Please add your own on here. We’d love to see what are the most interesting, the funniest, the ‘best’ and the most practical New Year’s Resolutions – and the one’s most likely to hold fast for the whole year!

1 Break your addiction with being on Facebook 24/7 (so does that apply to the other 299,999,999 FB addictees too?)

2 Quit smoking (now that’s a good thing in more ways than one – are you up to the challenge – I hope so)

3 This one a friend from Bournemouth (UK) sent to me – can you relate – I know I can sometimes!

Stop trying to use 7 arms while driving the car
You don’t have 7 arms, you only have 2. It is not physically possible to 1. steer, 2. change geers, 3. eat breakfast, 4. drink really hot coffee, 5. read a map, 6. re-tune the radio, 7. talk on you mobile phone

Maybe it should have been 8 arms – forgot doing nailpolish at the lights!

4 The perennial – I’m going to lose 35lbs this year. Did you know it takes a cut of 500 calories a day in your diet to shed 1lb a week? What are you waiting for then!

5 This one I’d like to join in on – see how many new cocktails I can taste in a year. I have just the man for the job to create them for us too – David Brogan, the Cocktail King extraordinaire, – where are you when we need you…

6 Get out of debt – HUH! – along with the rest of the planet, courtesy of the Financial Crisis!

7 Use my Wii Fit to get fit. (Um – but does that mean I have to get it out of the box?)

8 I would like to learn something new this year – do you think they mean other than how to stay out later than 2am every Friday and Saturday nights!

9 I was sent this one by a friend who had read Bill Murray the celebrity’s New Year’s resolution – but it is relevant to ALL of us – just think of the children in Africa starving and dying every day and you will remember this resolution always:

Bill Murray
“To try to remember to look down on myself and realize how good I’ve got it.”
10 Read this one by Tony Abbott the latest Opposition Leader in Australia: do everything possible to win the 2010 election – but that’s his job!
However, the rate at which they change Opposition Leaders, I wonder if he’ll be there by the time the Election is called! Monsieur Rudd may not have to work too hard!
11 I’m going to meet 5 new people every day (Hope he/she has their SHI Symbol on – makes it so much easier to strike up a conversation!)
12 I will walk the dog morning and evening which will help me lose weight because I want to meet the man of my dreams this year. (Suggestion: place a SHI Symbol on your dog. Dogs (or a baby in a pusher!) are the perfect guy stoppers in parks)

We’d love to see what your resolution is – please do share with us here your New Year’s Resolution for 2010.

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