Single and the place to be for dating…

dating-tips for girls and guys

dating-tips for girls and guys

We’ve had the ‘coolest’ place to find dates, now we have the ‘best and worst’ places to date, courtesy of Miami Dating Coach and

The good news is if you’re in Texas make sure it’s Austin and second place was Colorado Springs, Colorado, with a close third for San Diego, Could San Diego be the place to be with all the hot latin lovers around? That’s my thought and I’m sticking to it!

Seriously, it seems that a survey was undertaken looking at the percentage of singles ages 18-24, population density, and dating venues per capita such as concerts, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, intimate apparel stores and flowers and jewelry bought as gifts, etc in approx 80 metro areas in America. AXE, who is known for their dating game expertise, came up with the idea of finding “America’s Best and Worst Cities for Dating.”  This could account for why Houston, Texas rated as one of the worst dating areas to be. Why? Because of the least amount of lingerie stores per capita. Now that’s a criteria to meet!

The study was undertaken using the most up to date figures available from the Census Bureau (population characteristics and statistics), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (frequency of sexual partners), (online daters), and criteria on dating importance’ as defined by leading relationship experts.

To read the full article on which is the Dating Captial U.S.  click for full article here  .


One response to “Single and the place to be for dating…

  1. I think Colorado is the best place to go with great natural surrounding and close to nature.

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