Local Romantic First Date Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank…

This post is with thanks to Bethany North who shared a great idea that culminated in an even more beautiful outcome. You never know, the same might happen for you too – and we want to know about it, pics and all – OK?

If you are looking for an interesting idea for a first date, it is necessary to think outside of the box. Dinner and a movie is so played out, so why not try something local and romantic that is perfect for anyone on a budget?

My boyfriend and I were best friends in high school, so when it came time for us to have our first date almost a decade later, it definitely needed to be special. We had confessed our feelings to each other, which seemed almost perfect since we were already best friends. We were ready to move forward with our relationship, but we wanted to take it beyond typical first-day activities into something that would be memorable. That’s exactly why we decided together to pick a park near our house and have a wine and cheese picnic. This is something that you always see in the movies, but it is not as cheesy as it sounds, no pun intended!

We both love a good glass of wine, so it was really fun to pick out some delicious cheeses and pair them with the type of red wine that we had selected. If you are planning a wine and cheese picnic, then you can purchase the menu items yourself beforehand, or you can even take your date with you to pick out the cheeses as a fun predate activity. We just brought the bare necessities of supplies with us, like wine glasses, a cheese knife, and some paper plates. It was a very low scale and budget version of a fancy picnic, but that was what made it fun for us.

The date went very well, obviously, and it was the ideal way to get to know someone even better because you have the chance to talk to each other. Many times, when people choose a movie for their first date, there is absolutely no way to interact and get to know the other person. This is also the same scenario as going to a loud and crowded bar because you don’t get the opportunity to truly talk and connect on your date. Having a wine and cheese picnic at a nearby park shows that you put a lot of thought into your first date idea, and it also allows you to relax and have a good time without any pressure. This wine and cheese picnic was special for my boyfriend and I because it was our first date as an official couple, and we are still going strong!

Having a relaxed and fun evening like this will also give you the chance to spark up your friendship with your date because you get to talk and get to know them even further. Friendship is absolutely the best foundation for any relationship, which is why I am so fortunate have fallen in love with my best friend. For any guys out there, this is also an amazing way to impress your lady on a first date because it is quite a romantic setting, and it’s also a budget friendly option for a first date activity! You can’t go wrong.

markandbethany First Date set the scene

markandbethany First Date set the scene

 Don’t you just love this lovely romantic story. It’s just the ideal date option because it is budget friendly and romantic. Thanks Bethany from the bottom of my coffee cup – and who should know more about coffee than Bethany from http://www.thecoffeebump.com . Bethany North is a coffee fanatic that has spent the entirety of her career cultivating and studying all of the best uses and brewing styles for optimal coffee and espresso flavor. She has a specialty site for all coffee needs, supplies, and Bunn Filters.


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