Excitement for SHI Symbol…

Well I’m excited anyway and I know you will share in my excitement too when I tell you why!

We’ve been growing steadily and thanks to everone’s interest and enthusiasm, SHI Symbol International has been nominated under 3 Small Business Award categories this year.

  • Most Innovative Entrepreneur
  • Best Marketing Award
  • and Business Woman of the Year

This has to be thanks to the fantastic partnerships we’ve been forging with so many cool people and companies, and of course Singles, particularly in the United States. Thank you in particular to Chris Leyva, Ryan Callum, Black Cherry Group, Roberta Perry, Anthony Migyanka – Biz Television, SHI Symbol International’s resident psychologist: Eileen Edwards, the Dream Machine Cocktail King – David Brogan, TheTopTravelClub, the Carrie Bradshaw of Broadway, the lovely Kimberly Dawn Neumann, Karen Vowell-Mager of Creme Magnolia fame and to everyone else we really love working with – it’s really made a difference.

The Good News is we’ve made it through to the FINALS and all will be revealed on Wednesday night – yes the 14th October 2009.

So, please, do send me all those positive vibes and I’ll be jumping up and down – one way or another – on Wednesday night.

As they say in the ‘soapies’ – you’ll have to wait for the next instalment!

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