The Coolest City for Singles in 2009

Coolest place for Singles in 2009 - where else but New York

Coolest place for Singles in 2009 - where else but New York

What’s been going on in the US in the last 12 months or so? Ah yes, THE  recession, the fall of Wall Street, overall reduced consumer spending and the massive impact on the entire country in particular being felt by New Yorkers. Therefore, it was surprising to find New York was rated Number 1 out of 40 metropolitan US Cities for COOLNESS by Singles, according to Lauren Sherman of’s latest report on the Best Cities for Singles in 2009.

In terms of number of Singles in New York in the overall population – Singles make up 28%, so it is definitely the place to meet other like minded Singles, find a potential partner and even fall in love, with the absolutely perfect for the job SHI Symbol.

And if you’re into Online Dating, said the New York metro area active Online Dating account holders accounts for 8% of the entire site’s active members. Considering Los Angeles is the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the USA, it only boasts a 5% take up rate, New Yorkers are doing very well!

Loads of other interesting comparisons were made in the report between cities from the cost of living, culture, nightlife, to the ratio of Singles to the entire population of  a metropolitan city.

To find out how your City rated in all these interesting areas and more, click here for the report.

2 responses to “The Coolest City for Singles in 2009

  1. I love NY! I thought about moving there because I love the city so much and to also find Mr. Right. The only issue I have is based on a recent, I believe Forbes, article I read online regarding which cities will be bouncing back from the recession and when. New York was not projected to bounce back until 2012. I live in Dallas now and the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington area (due to the new Cowboys Stadium, I suspect) is high on the list of cities that will recover sooner…like next year if I’m not mistaken.

    The dating market for a highly educated Black woman in Dallas sucks…gotta find better crop somewhere…not sure I can wait for NY to bounce back financially before making the move…


  2. littleprincess21

    I was going to Florida for a while – I suppose it’s not too bad overall. But hey, doesn’t matter where I go as long as I can spot another SHI Symbol wearer I’m happy – and so are they!

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