Rachel Ward’s Beautiful Kate a Winner

Rachel Ward, already known as a brilliant actress, has made her directorial debut with an amazing feature film entitled “Beautiful Kate”. I was fortunate enough to see it tonight at a packed Preview and I thought it a very moving and engaging film.

Set in the outback of Australia, stunning as well as stark scenery is the backdrop for this tale of teenage trials, family tribulations, complicated love – and it’s consequences.

I was hooked from the early stages of the film, right till the end. Rachel Ward needs to be congratulated on her first Directorship of a feature length film. It is a real winner.

Actors Ben Mendelsohn (Spotswood, Australia), Bryan Brown, (Cocktail, Breaker Morant), Sophie Lowe, Maeve Kermody and Rachel Griffiths (Muriel’s Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding) brought this film to life brilliantly.

To me this is a ‘must see’ film. Thoroughly entertaining so if you get the chance – do go and see it.

Beautiful Kate Scene on SHI Symbol International Blog

Beautiful Kate Directed by Rachel Ward featured on SHI Symbol International Blog

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