Singles Love Natural Beauty Partnership

Online Beauty store, Overall Beauty has partnered with International Singles company SHI Symbol (SHI being acronym for Single, Happy and Interested). This move brings the best of Organic/Natural beauty products to the attention of 800 million fashionable guys and girls likely to embrace the SHI Symbol movement around the world.

 “New products and special offers are released regularly via the stylish and free SHI Symbol Emag, websites and Overall Beauty blog. With our focus on natural beauty, and the Singles today being so discerning in their tastes and quest for healthy living, this partnership is set for the long term.” explains Kim Snyder of Overall Beauty.

 ‘Singles the world over love looking their best and what better way than with natural beauty products” says Jan Pagonis, Managing Director of SHI Symbol International. ‘Since SHI Symbol’s reach is worldwide and with the symbol being worn 24/7 in order to maximize one’s chances of ‘meeting one’s match’, this new collaboration will see a rise in the number of countries serviced by Overall Beauty.’

With organic and natural products paving the way the world over and not just in the beauty arena, this SHI Symbol/Overall Beauty collaboration is set to last for a long time. There will never be a shortage of Singles and this market always want to look their best – naturally.

Natural Beauty meets SHI Symbol - the international meeting people tool for Singles

Natural Beauty meets SHI Symbol - the international meeting people tool for Singles


Source: Press Release: Singles Love Natural Beauty Partnership


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