Money Chatter Matters

Money Money Money and how to make more of this rare commodity

Money Money Money and how to make more of this rare commodity

Now isn’t this a subject dear to our heart – money, how to make it, keep it, grow it, spend it and why you never have enough of it!

I have just the ticket for you – the multi-talented money expert – Anthony Migyanka is poised to join SHI Symbol International and help us solve our money dilemmas.

If Anthony has come up with plans to solve the Mortgage crisis in the USA – and been taken seriously by the US Treasury Dept, you know your questions and thirst for that ever eluding commodity – MONEY, will be quenched by reading and participating in Anthony’s columns and blogs with us.

Any time soon, his first thought provoking article will hit the SHI Symbol internet waves – if that’s the right terminology!

YOU are cordially invited to start asking your questions as to Why, How, Where, When is the right time to do something with my hard earned cash. For the Who – who better to interrogate but Anthony?! At the moment, simply post your questions on this blog, or please email your questions and Anthony will respond via this blog.

And just for the record, Anthony is about to Host a 5 day week Money program with the fun title of Mutual Fund Circus on BizTelevision that is to be broadcast around the USA as well as other countries too.

But wait there’s more: 

Anthony is actually an economist, has appeared on “Cavuto” with Neil Cavuto, and is recognized by the Fox Business Network as an Investor Relations Expert. He has also contributed public company governance, stock market and economic trend commentary to other media outlets, including FamilyNet TV, The Dow Jones Corporation, and The Washington Post. 

He has recently been named a “Business Insight Expert” by yourBusinessChannel (

Anthony is Chairman of A.G. Foster-Lowry Financial Services, the sponsor of “Mobile Money Minute (TM).” 

He is the author of the “Golden Ticket Mortgage” US banking bailout plan.

He will debate Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, on the merits of the “Golden Ticket Mortgage” bailout on an upcoming radio program.

And now for the Special Offer Steak Knives:

On top of all that – guess what – he’s a Single Dad and loves the job.

I think he’s actually a very good juggler.

Get those fingers to the keyboard, we await your questions on money, money, money.


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