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Wine the easy way especially before 1st June…

Wine the easy way whether you're Single or a Couple - order online

Wine the easy way whether you're Single or a Couple - order online

What is it about Food and Wine that always tweaks our interest whether we’re Single or not!

Have we found something special for you.  You must register early for this new site for WINE –   because you will be able to secure your first case of wine with a $10 discount if you’ve registered with them prior to their launch on 1st June 2009. On offer will be an amazing mixed case, including the famous Torbreck Neck Oil and some other crackers! Pass the good news on to your wine enjoying friends and family who can sign up to receive the great deals by easily clicking on

The mission of the business is to hunt down the very best wines, offer them to you at irresistably low prices and deliver them to your door, making the whole process as easy as possible for you. Once you click on the link you will receive the deals on offer each day, with something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

At this stage they are only shipping to Australian customers, so if your based outside Australia they can currently  ship to your friends and relatives in Australia.  How lucky are they!

‘Happy Drinking’ said Rob Knox their Chief Wine Officer

I couldn’t agree more!!!




Homeowner (or condo-owner, townhouse-owner, have a residential mortgage or commercial mortgage (eg a business owner who owns your own office building, strip mall, etc)


you are one of the 14,000,000 homeowners “under water” with your mortgage in the US, (YES – THAT IS 14 MILLION HOMEOWNERS), where you owe more on your loan/mortgage than the property is actually worth in the market. You may have, for instance, bought a home worth $200,000, but with the 2007-2009 US housing market collapse, your home will now only fetch $150,000 or so in the current market.


Getting out of this “under water” situation is at the top of your mind very understandably.

With the relative failures of the TARP*, TALF, “Hope For Homeowners” and “Making Homes Affordable” programs initiated by the US Department of Treasury, there is a very realist proposal by Anthony Migyanka in front of them NOW, for an alternative plan to assist in the US banking bailout and homeowner mortgage relief.


The “Golden Ticket Mortgage” plan does five major things for you

1. It turns your mortgage into a “Golden Ticket Mortgage” meaning that the Treasury Department will GUARANTEE your home will not lose value as long as you keep making the payments.

2. It turns your commercial mortgage into a “Golden Ticket Mortgage”, meaning that the Treasury Department will GUARANTEE your commercial property will not lose value as long as you keep making the payments.

3. Banks can receive “Golden Ticket Mortgages” for their “toxic” assets, as the “GTM” counts toward Tangible Common Equity, and start lending again.


5. It can be utilized for any mortgage in any country in the world.

MORE INFORMATION at Anthony Migyanka’s blog:

It sounds like a very workable solution for many situations whether you are Single or a Couple/Family.

Best of all, the same plan can be applied to a variety of countries, not just for mortgagees in the US.

To that end, if you now find yourself in mortgage difficulties use this information to approach your lawmakers, government, ministers and anyone you can think of to get something happening now.

Apart from Anthony being a dear friend of ours at SHI Symbol, I’m sure you are wondering about the credentials of someone with such a plan (this reminds me of that movie ‘Dave’ the stand-in US President who got his accountant in to balance the US Govt books!) – have a read below!

Anthony Migyanka is the Managing Partner of Mobile Money Minute, LLC in Irving, Texas

  • Anthony Migyanka, an economist, has appeared on “Cavuto” with Neil Cavuto, and is recognized by the Fox Business Network as an Investor Relations Expert.
  • He has also contributed public company governance, stock market and economic trend commentary to other media outlets, including FamilyNet TV, The Dow Jones Corporation, and The Washington Post.
  • He has recently been named a “Business Insight Expert” by yourBusinessChannel ( Anthony is Chairman of A.G. Foster-Lowry Financial Services, the sponsor of “Mobile Money Minute (TM).” He is the author of the “Golden Ticket Mortgage” US banking bailout plan.
  • He will debate Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, on the merits of the “Golden Ticket Mortgage” bailout on an upcoming radio program.

*TARP is Troubled Asset Relief Program, TALF is Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, they are the two “bailout” or relief programs instituted by the US Treasury to help banks in this mortgage crisis. It’s the US Treasury offering private investors loans to buy the “toxic” assets (mortgages or other loans no one wants to buy now) from the troubled banks.

Hot new Emag for Trendy, Fashionable and Stylish People

SHI Symbol - Universal Meeting People Tool - Complimentary Emag copy

SHI Symbol - Universal Meeting People Tool - Complimentary Emag copy

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Life’s for sharing

If you were ever in doubt, view this great video clip. It’s just wonderful that so many people can let their hair down and enjoy life – together, just for the heck of it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a SHI single, separated or involved, just have fun – together.

Are you Single, Happy and Interested on Facebook?

Join us and get to know other super cool Singles

Join us and get to know other super cool Singles

Single, Happy and Interested Group Page has been set up so that all the cool, trendy, fashionable and stylish people can get together in one place. This group will be a hit worldwide as it is easy to join, everyone is happy to meet others and we all have common goal and that is to celebrate our Singledom.

Single, Happy and Interested - meet others easily on Facebook

Single, Happy and Interested - meet others easily on Facebook