Online Dating like Looking for that Needle in a Haystack

Love and those Single needles in haystacks

Love and those Single needles in haystacks

Just in case you wondered how many online dating sites you could access to find Mr or Mrs Right – I have the answer. Take a guess first.

Well, did you guess 1400? According to research firm Hitwise many singles find the way to seek out someone you might like to spend time with is to spread your bets by posting profiles on multiple sites. That does make sense in some ways, but that could account for some of the wasted time searching through guys or girls profiles that you’ve probably already searched through on another site!

Some multiple post online daters use different sites for different things. Eg for searching out long term prospects vs a quick fling.  Mary P White a Florida Personal Trainer says by using different online sites it just helps ‘maximise my chances‘, but agreed that it took so much longer to go through the 5 different sites she uses. Sometimes Mary is online for 3 hours a day!

I say: Mary, you’ve got too much time on your hands – you need to get OUT there and Meeting them, not just perusing those sites.

Other views on Singles posting profiles on more than one site are a bit conflicting with Relationship expert James Kelly suggesting people are “avoiding the reality of having to actually meet someone and find out for real if there is any chemistry.” While another view from Online Internet Dating Coach, Janice Roberts says ‘its OK to have a profile on up to about 4 sites as long as the goal is to try and meet at least 1 new prospect a week.

These days it seems we’re all short of time in our lives so by all means use the online dating sites to sniff out some likely connections, but don’t forget to get smell the roses along the way by simply seeing who might be crossing the road that could hold your interest. Or the girl in the Starbuck’s grabbing her coffee. Or the guy in the lift. Or the woman in the Dentist’s waiting room…

Is your SHI Symbol visible?


3 responses to “Online Dating like Looking for that Needle in a Haystack

  1. Yes when I started to see some same people and similar profiles of 2 of the dating sites I was on I started to wonder how widespread this practice was. AFter all, if I was doing it, so must loads of others.
    Ah well, all’s well that ends well as long as you check out the person well and truly when you finally meet them.
    The last bit about the SHI Symbol – well I have to say, I have one and for a couple of months, nothing, but now, I just seem to see it everywhere I go and love talking to people whereas before I was a bit more shy to just ‘chat’ to people

  2. Your post is thought provoking and easy to digest because it’s simple and readable in nature. It give me more interest to revisit your site. Keep it coming!

  3. shisymbolinternational

    Hi Karen
    thanks for your comments and yes please do keep on coming back to the site. We’ll keep you posted! – Jan

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