Go Green for a Cause

Haha! Got you. Just for a change it’s not an environmental plea for reducing greenhouse gases, but it is in the same vein as ‘green’.

You see, it’s St Patrick’s Day today and you’ve got to get into the spirit of it as my little Leprechaun Paddy said to me.

In case you heathens don’t know, St Patrick was one of the patron saints of Ireland. Although it is the national holiday of Ireland, they don’t get to enjoy all the fun and festivities on the Emerald Isle. Celebrations take place everywhere and anywhere you can think of. My child’s teacher was into the spirit of today – totally green in more ways than one! That’s leading by example and getting people involved in festivities – and my son’s only in Pre-Primary!

Where we live we don’t quite have the parades and festivals which other parts of the world enjoy on St Patrick’s Day, but we do enjoy the lots of eating and drinking part of things. (Any excuse!)

It seems that like most other things in the US, it becomes an obsession and  St Paddy’s day is no different with everything going green. There’s the usual green beer, green milk,  and green hair do’s. But as the saying goes, everything in America is bigger and that goes for the green thing too. For example:

  • Ever seen a river go green – apart from Algae – sorry my environmentalist friends – yes, Chicago, Illinois dyes or should it be (dies) its river green
  • Let’s not forget Indianapolis’ main canal going green
  • Fancy a bit of a splash in the fountains? Well avoid them today in Savannah, Georgia. Yup they’re green I believe. 
  • Rolla, Missouri paints  city blocks green with mops for the annual parade.
  • Jamestown, New York’s  Chadakoin River is also dyed green.

I wonder what colour the fish pee?

So where do you go for a bit of action?

Dublin has a parade of mammoth proportions attracting hundreds of thousands of revellers. While in Chicago you have your river going green. For Southern Hemisphere inhabitants, you must make your way to Sydney where we don’t just celebrate on the day. No, it’s been party time since Sunday!

So pull out your shamrock-shaped hat, green clothes, wave a few Irish flags and enrol in your Gaelic football lessons and Irish music workshops to put that spring in your step. See you at the pub.

Going Green with a Vengeance

If your town or city or YOU did something totally green for St Patrick’s Day, please share it with us. It’s just great to have a fun filled day without a care or woe. Perhaps we should have a few St Patrick’s Days a year. Or maybe there could be a St Patrick’s Wife Day, or Friends of St Patrick’s Day? How about it?

One response to “Go Green for a Cause

  1. I saw a guy walk out of a pub in Bondi Junction into the path of a bus. Not a pretty site.

    If you’re gonna drink on St Paddy’s day, watch where you’re walking.

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