Sink Your Teeth Into This…


Slay Angels Series

Buffy, Supernatural and Sanctuary are set to blur into insignificance with this Sexy Vampire Feast – a viewing must see…

The fascination with vampires and movies is set to gain new heights, with the imminent release of Slay Angels, the most recent production by ElectricBear Studio LLC’s award winning producer Sam Siragusa. SHI Symbol International is pleased to announce its participation in this sexy and supernatural screen feast that follows the fortunes of Raine and Scarlet and their struggles to overcome demons, vampires and other forces of evil.

Slay Angels© 2009 is a new concept in visual entertainment. By taking the viewer into a thrilling world with A Drop Dead Gorgeous Vampire, a Sexy as HELL Demon and an Exquisite Immortal, throw in guns, swords and countless explosions, you have – Slay Angels© 2009. With the worldwide symbol for Singles, SHI Symbol, joining forces with Slay Angels and Fashion Platform, this will be a series to remember with amazing visual effects and innovative interactive elements including ‘Hot Spotting’. Set to become an International blockbuster on the Web with its relese in March 2009, there will be little doubt a Sci Fi channel will quickly pick up Slay Angels as its popularity soars, if Sanctuary is anything to go by!

A 13-minute pilot episode has been released by ElectricBear Studios, with a one-minute trailer now showing at 3 episodes have been completed with the next 10 episodes already in production, each of which will be roughly 22 minutes in length. The webisodic series will be available in multiple formats for all digital media devices, including computers, television and cell phones. This means Slay Angels is accessible to anyone at any time and in any place – a very attractive proposition and such positioning sets it to be the focal point of the burgeoning online science fiction community!

The Slay Angels series is set in the mythical Port Lilith community where the rich and powerful humans have made arrangements with the Supernatural world to harvest those who cannot defend or care for themselves. The Supernatural world has now almost equaled the humans in strength and numbers, paving the way for a war of incalculable destruction. The forces of Light have seen good in several of the damned and are giving them a second chance, a chance to redeem themselves and to gain souls! This is their story, of how these enchanting women can redeem themselves and in the end, becomes mankind’s last hope for salvation!

The series is internationally shot including locations such as Cassadaga, St Augustine, San Antonia, Cocoa Beach, Saint Cloud in the United States, Scotland, England, Isle of Skye just to name a few. Each background is for the most part shot on location in a reported HAUNTED site. This includes haunted castles, hotels, cemeteries, homes and even DRACULAS’S CASTLE!

The series features new talent Nikki Cartier and Jennifer Ward as the sexy and enchanting Slay Angels. Series cast regulars include Elizabeth Block from the Sopranos, Changing Lanes, Sex in the City, Law & Order: SVU etc., Mary Jane Heath from Edward Scissorhands and winner of awards such as Best Actress and Best Voice Over. Joel Wynkoop a favourite in horror movies having 40 of them to his credit will also be featuring in Slay Angels.

The Slay Angels are already attracting something of a cult following and the fan base is growing. “Viewers are in the tens of thousands already,” Barbara Siragusa, Vice President ElectricBear Studios said. One viewer has commented, “ElectricBear Studios is first in line with a thrilling and sexy new series . Can’t wait to see these gorgeous and powerful women in action!” Another describes the pilot as “so very cool!”

“Our fans are ‘dying’ to see the range of merchandise that will be released to coincide with the success of Slay Angels said Jan Pagonis, Managing Director of SHI Symbol International.

Slay Angels is a vampire fantasy, sexy, hot, full of action and attractive people.

So move over Buffy, True Blood, Twilight and SanctuarySlay Angels is here to set a new standard in Vampire tales. Once you view the Slay Angels Trailer you’ll be wanting more and more and more…

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  2. shisymbolinternational

    Thanks Mike – glad you like us. Look forward to more comments from you and your friends, especially after SLay Angels hits the screens!

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