Singles Everywhere – Miss World Australia Joins Forces with SHI Symbol and Charities

SHI Symbol International ( today announced the start of a brand new relationship with the Fundraising efforts of the great Australian Charity Programme, Miss World Australia’s Beauty with a Purpose. As you should already know,  SHI Symbol is the International Symbol for Singles across the globe.  It is an Australian concept, first introduced in February 2007 and now with bases in Great Britain with USA to follow soon.  Bases in Asia and Europe and Russia are at discussion stage only.

The Symbol has been dedicated to the Singles Community worldwide via a huge Range of Clothing and Jewellery and Apparel. The Miss World participants are frequently considered the ‘cream of the crop’ of the  Singles Community and the fact that Miss  World Australia loves the concept so much she wants to work with us to help spread the word is just fantastic. The intention of the Symbol is to Break Down the Barriers, in much the same way as the newly elected U.S. President, Mr Barack Obama is going about his work.

There a many reasons why Katie Richardson loves the idea so much, but for those of you still wondering what all the fuss is about, SHI Symbol works like this!

If two or more people happen to be in the same place e.g. at a concert, a coffee shop, in the street, out jogging… and they are wearing the SHI Symbol in some form e.g. on a Jacket, a Cap, a Pendant or Bracelet, Wrist Watch, a T-shirt, a Coat, a Windcheater, Swimwear, Shorts, Joggers, Sunglasses, Handbag, Scarf, Key Ring, Belt Clip, Anklets etc……then they have the perfect Breaking Down the Barriers vehicle, right on their person.

Our current Miss World Australia, Katie Richardson loves the concept, not least because SHI Symbol is donating $10 for each item sold by Miss World Australia Fund Raisers for charities such as

Ronald McDonald House and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

“I just love the concept. I wore a SHI Symbol pendant to last weekend’s Miss World New South Wales crowning in Sydney. The response to the Symbol and the funds it raises for worthwhile causes is just terrific. We plan to work with Miss World Australia contestants all over the country to raise funds and at the same time spread the word about SHI Symbol. Single girls and guys don’t always find it easy to meet. The Symbol kind of gets people smiling and talking, and that’s what Miss World Australia is all about. It’s a feel good thing!”

For further information about Miss World Australia Fund Raising please visit the Website

For further information about SHI Symbol, call Managing Director, Jan Pagonis on 0409 918 876 or visit

Miss World Australia in Partnership with SHI Symbol International

Miss World Australia in Partnership with SHI Symbol International

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