Searching for Love? Check this out…

Fishing for Love On the Net

Fishing for Love On the Net

I recently read an interesting book on the very topic close to our hearts. Finding that right person amongst the maze of people we search through via the Internet.

This book entitled Fishing for Love on the Net was informative and had practical tips to help you navigate your way through Online Dating.

Get all the inside knowledge of how to find the ‘right one for you’ and demystify the whole process of Online Dating in one easy read.

The blurb below is directly from the Amazon site where you can purchase the book and read a few reviews just to get other perspectives on the book.

Myles Reed, Jr., uses a straight-talk style to explain why searching for love online requires more than just access to a computer and a catchy profile. He includes proven techniques supported by real stories to improve your chances of finding love. Reed discusses interesting statistics and ends each chapter with a short summary. You will learn:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • Ways to connect to millions of other singles in cyberspace
  • How to let go of previous experiences and preconceived notions

Whether you have tried online dating before with little success, are eager to try it for the first time, or are just curious about this cultural phenomenon, Fishing for Love on the Net will open your eyes, give you hope, and help you find true love.

 As well all know Internet Dating is now one of the ‘norms’ for 21st Century dating so you might as well engage with it and do it the easy way the first time.

And don’t forget you’ve got to maximise your chances – wear your SHI Symbol at every opportunity – it’s your Universal Meeting People tool that works for you 24/7 and particularly when you’re not on your computer!


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