Connecting on New Year’s Eve

Have some fun!!!

Have some fun!!!

Sometime New Year’s Eve’s a blast, other times it can be a real fizzer. If you’re feeling in the fizzing mood but would really like to rock and roll into 2009 – get ready to party and meet a stack of new men and women.


Find out where the best events are on in the city, at the beach, your local park, a huge community centre, by the river or wherever it might be. All these places are sure bets to find loads of single men and women. That’s your 1st step.

Next – decide if you are going to go by yourself or take a friend or two along for moral support. But, hey – the idea is that on the night you will go out of your comfort zone, meet a few or maybe a lot of really nice men and women and just MEET NEW FRIENDS. If you end up seeing a few later on, or even having a nice date as a result, that’s great. It’s an exercise in breaking down those communication barriers at a time when most people are really happy to chat with everyone and anyone, so you’re already half way there!

3rd – decide on the venue you’re going to. My preference is a great outdoor event (NOTE: I’m writing this here on a 30deg C day, Mid Summer – if you’re in Mid Winter – do let me know what you end up getting up to apart from being knee deep in snow!). Why I like an outdoor event is there is no restriction on where I can wander, who I can sit or stand next to, I can seek more interesting company a little more easily is the way I view it. Also, a great vantage point can be found by meandering my way through the crowd – just in time to see the fireworks.

4thly – don’t forget to munch on those TicTacs just before midnight. You’re out to leave a lasting impression. There’ll be plenty of hugging and kissing going around and you certainly don’t want to share the garlic  breath from the chive and garlic dip you’ve been munching on!

Finally – have your exit strategy in place. Whether it be with new found friends to a coffee shop, nightclub or just a stroll amongst the revellers, or it could just be a relaxing wander home after a thoroughly enjoyable night meeting and talking to complete strangers who you may or may not decide to meet again. The choice is yours and it really is an easy night to go out and meet people.

THREE MUSTS for the night

Be prepared and take your own little ‘business cards’ with your name and contact details (even if it’s just your first name and email or mobile) that you’re comfortable to give out. It’s a lot easier to give this to someone than it is to find a pen and a piece of paper, somewhere to write easily and then give it to someone.

Second essential for the evening is of course your SHI Symbol – wear it either as your piece of jewellery like a pendant or earrings or just your T SHirt so that people can see you are simply Single, Happy and Interested in meeting others. It’s your communication tool that works for you 24/7 – it could just work for you when you’re waiting in line for that disappearing cab home!

Your 3rd essential – those TicTacs of course!


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