Potty Putter Plonks a Hole In One

Now I’ve heard everything! And seen it too – or should I rephrase that.

In my ever increasing quest to find that perfect and non-standard gift for a male friend – I think I’ve found it. Well it’s certainly unusual. I can hear you now – what on earth are you talking about! Well, it had to come some time I suppose…

Wait for it – a Potty Putter for the Golf Fanatic in your family. Now if you’re fed up of giving the socks and jocks and can’t think of anything new and unique, except of course if they’re Single then they should be enjoying their Singledom and Single status with a SHI Symbol from you – but I digress,  the Potty Putter is out now and a definite to investigate for this year’s Christmas presents.

I thought I knew a few odd guys who loved the ‘throne’ so much they’d take their slides and photos to sift through, the Blackberry getting a workout gets a mention, a meditation session – what are they concentrating on? – I don’t want to know,  and even one guy taking the laptop with a work report to finish. But… then there came the Potty Putter complete with a green that wraps around the base of the toilet. The putter is short (of course – this would be a ‘sit-down’ job) and there’s a “cup” you can move around, to improve your skill level I suppose!

Now I know you’re all itching to get one so here are the details: Potty Putter costs about $20 and is available at Prank Place a renowned gift and gadget heaven. This is the actual blurb from the Prank Place website:  The game for the Golf fanatic who just can’t get enough play! Enjoy the fun and excitement of miniature golf with our Tee Time Golf Game set. Includes: Putting Green Mat, Two Golf Balls, Putter, Cup with Flag and even an “Occupied Sign.” ” Looks like every eventuality is catered for!

A True Hole In One

A True Hole In One

Now you too can have one residing in the littlest place in the house.

So guys if you’ve seen this article and really, really want something different this Christmas – we’re here to help!

PS _ I really want to know if you give this wonderful gift to anyone this Christmas – and their and everyone else’s reaction. Think we could write a whole book on this one!

PPS – I feel sorry for the guy in the photo – what a hell of a way to get recognized!

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