Meeting Singles – try the Easy Ways – they Usually Work!

Single? It’s coming up to Friday night again. If you’re sick of being on your own or not having that much to ‘look forward to’, make sure you have your SHI Symbol at the ready to wear or display on or around your person right now, and check out a few of the thoughts from Richard Adams below.  There are heaps of ways to meet other like minded Singles and get a few fun things happening. Just move out of your comfort zone for a few moments and you’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy yourself!

Friday night?

Friday night?

Why Meeting Singles Isn’t As Hard As You May Think
Every day millions of under-sexed guys across the globe ask
themselves, “Where can I meet women?” Hey, there’s nothing
wrong with that! The sex drive in the human mammal is one
of the primary motivators for all actions and thought
processes. That’s what Freud believed and Freud was a bit
of a player himself, having a wife, a lust with his
sister-in-law and even a fixation on his mother. (Yikes!)
Psychology aside, the moment you start to make peace with
yourself over your natural desires for intimacy and
companionship, the more successful in dating you will

This lesson is usually taught to males, and a certain
population among men who lack sexual confidence. It’s a
bit of a stereotype to suggest that good boys turn into
nice guys and then eventually finish last when it comes to
dating. This is not necessarily true, even if this does
seem to be the proverbial case. A more accurate statement
would be that sexually inexperienced men seem to have
trouble meeting new singles. This may be because they are
young, and they are relatively new to dating lifestyle, or
have just recently ended long-term relationship. Because
they lack experience, they may perceive dating and the Big
Question as a stressful situation. Nobody likes rejection,
after all, and the dating world can seem ruthless in terms
of how people treat one another’s feelings, respect and

The same principles taught to men also apply to females.
Women are taught by society to be “ladylike” and to refrain
from expressing overt interest in a member of the opposite
sex. While some feminists and very sexy uninhibited women
challenge this notion every day, for a certain population
of women, they are also unsuccessful in looking for
romance. They might ask themselves the same question:
where can I meet singles and why does it have to be so

Let’s start by addressing the fundamental issue: there is
no right or wrong place to meet singles. Single men and
women are everywhere. What happens is that we deceive
ourselves into thinking that circumstances have to be
near-perfect in order for the dating ritual to start. Not
true; you can meet anybody in any given social
situation, from something as mundane to shopping at a
grocery store or as spectacular as blasting off to the
moon. The first step in transforming your dating life is
to realize that there is an entire world of possibilities
out there.

The real question is not, “Where can I meet singles?” but
what is stopping you from swallowing your pride and showing
an interest in someone you like, no matter where you meet
them? Meeting singles is not as hard as you think. It can
be as easy as going to a singles bar or chatting up an
attractive person at the bank. The biggest problem is that
we want the dating scene to be set up “just so”, so we can
feel comfortable and be able to handle a conversation.

The real answer then is to work on improving your
communication skills and on readjusting your attitude
towards dating. Don’t be afraid of rejection. The
statistics show us that many types of people are completely
incompatible with each other. Whether you realize this
after three years of marriage, or a 30 second conversation
at a bus stop, is irrelevant. It’s not “rejection” to you
personally. It’s just the word “no”. Stop reliving your
childhood days and developing such a complex to a simple
word! Realize that the cookie jar you want in life is
yours for the taking! It may take persistence and some
preparation, but it’s never as hard as you think it is.
The worrying stage is the worst part of it all, so let’s
get together and have some cookies!
If you want to meet singles in your area then all the
advice and support you need can be found at

Hope you enjoyed Richard’s comments and don’t forget your ever trusty SHI Symbol is out there working for you when you aren’t even paying attention – and that’s usually when you’ll meet someone really interesting…

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