Secrets to Dating and Relationships Revealed – Your Essential Guide


Single at the moment? Considering another Relationship? Just ended a relationship? Contemplating what went wrong? Thinking about how you could have done things differently with this man? And so the list of self torturing doubts begins.

 dating and relationship secrets


Help is at hand. Have you ever had that feeling when you’ve finished a book and thought you’ve got to tell the world about how fantastic it was. Well, it happened to me with Geoff Barker’s mind-blowing book entitled “What’s on a Man’s Mind. That’s right, written by a bloke and a ‘must read’ by all women wanting to know the truth about men and what or rather how they think and what to do about it. And yes, I know you may have just ended a relationship, but guys do actually think — just differently to the female species!


This very informative book helps one by simply providing an understanding of different relationship styles, the different personality types men can have, and thus allows women to understand where they are ‘coming from’.

Geoff Barker runs seminars and speaks regularly on his experiences on relationships. With overwhelming popularity, there is a huge demand for enlightenment as to how the male side of a relationship ticks. Geoff also provides you with answers to questions on the mind and body and how to stop the relationship rollercoasters. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how our different personality types impact on everything we do in life from work situations to relationships, this book really helps give that  insight. It identifies the sorts of reactions one gets from each personality style and it humorously describes how to deal with each situation.


If you want to be armed before you go on your next date, it also reveals the home truths on what’s really on a man’s mind and how they think so differently. Of course, a lot of it is commonsense, but when it is in black and white in front of you, it’s quite confronting and amazingly true. Geoff Barker gives other pointers in the book to help you spot the differences between ‘players’ and ‘stayers’.


I know we’ve all heard the scientific fact that men’s brains are wired differently to women’s. Well here’s another snippet of information to store away and use as required. This book goes further and explains the chemicals and chemical reactions that take place when a guy meets a woman. In a nutshell, quite often the chemical reaction is true –and how the man works from that. But when the relationship moves on from the 6 weeks to say the 3 months stage, the chemical reaction in their body tends to change and when it stops firing in a man – that’s when a relationship begins to break down, even though they have been coming from an honest and truthful place. Often it’s simply run its course and the bonding chemical hasn’t ‘kicked in’…So theoretically the relationship is doomed. Women, who do not understand this aspect of why relationships often fail, beat themselves up. If you do want to change this self-destructive process and find out how to make things work out better the next time, you owe yourself the chance by gleaning as much information as you can from a book such a this.


Between you and me it really is a two-way street for relationships to prosper and what goes on for men goes for women as well. Alas, the reality is, if this book were written in the same way, but by a woman for men to understand women, men wouldn’t pick up the book so that is why there are not many around. Men generally just do not pick up books like this. They tend to never look at relationship issues or have the same interest level for discovering the secrets to relationships like women do. Okay, so there are the odd exceptions to the rule – granted. Anyway I say thanks Geoff for having the guts to reveal all the Secret Men’s Business!


And yet, if we could get all men to read this one book, they would find it quite an eye-opener to understand where they come from in relationships as well. If you want to grow and change by learning from your past experiences, you can do this very easily now simply by reading and discovering as much as you can about relationship ‘secrets’ and how to recognize what you could do differently next time you’re looking at prospective dates. It’s all about self-help these days!


That’s where the ultimate self-help tool – the SHI Symbol for Singles is revolutionalising the dating scene, as we need to seek, and date many men or women, before settling on the perfect one for us. SHI Symbol is fast becoming the new ‘meeting people’ tool to identify the Single species out and about in their everyday lives. Thanks to all the self help dating/relationship books and tools now available, we are all (male and female) becoming far more astute as to what we want, so we have to meet many more people to find the one or just a companion. And that is the topic of another blog out very shortly too — What do you REALLY want from a relationship?


There are literally thousands of other Relationship, Dating and Self-Help books out there and heaven knows I’ve read and digested many over my last 12 years of singledom. Further articles will outline what has been helpful to myself and others and some do’s and don’ts for dating. There is a myriad of information available via Internet Online Publications and pointers will be provided to direct you to some of the better dating publications I’ve come across. There is just so much valuable information out there to help us all really enjoy our dating and relationships – and so much is FREE.


As the saying goes – Watch this Space and we’ll grow together and always remember how valuable you are


5 responses to “Secrets to Dating and Relationships Revealed – Your Essential Guide

  1. Very interesting the book that you discuss here. Let us know the outcome of your next date based upon the information that you obtained from the book. Thanks

  2. shisymbolinternational

    Be happy to give you the feedback!

  3. Hi thanks for the response on my blog…
    Since we appear to be in the same business it would be interesting to trade opinions, so i would be interested in seeing yours on this publication.
    In the two years since I read the book I dated a number of men and my experiences are validated by a number of points raised… and in particular, eased my mind regarding my need to express my opinion and identify the type of man that is likely to meet my needs based on the way he thinks. I am now in a relationship with a man that meets my needs. Now the new issues arise of how to navigate a long term relationship with success….. as two lives are coming together, so it is imperative that we meet each others needs. Go to our web site and see how SHI Symbol worked for me in meeting this man – that started the dating process.

  4. Great artical… i am glad someone recognises that it is a two way street…. congratulations. Also what a fab SHI idea… why hasn’t anyone thought of it before?

  5. Nice book review and food for thought – also like the SHI idea as well.

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