Txt 4 a D8? RU 4 redi 4 it?

Mobile Phone dating in actionIf you think dating methods have changed a lot recently – you’re not wrong. What with the online dating scene taking over the last 10 years, the advent of speed dating, of course SHI Symbol being the ultimate meeting people tool – well now you have text-messaging to find new dates and friends.

For the tech-savvy Singles amongst us, mobile/cell phone based services now have mobile dating services to help us meet new dates and friends via text messaging services. Programs help users find someone, anyone, basically strangers to exchange a text message with. And if you are really up with technology and have a GPS on your phone you can even find people close to you.

If you’re up for something new that is generally far cheaper than an online dating site service, this could be worth a try. On the other hand, I guess it would depend on how many text messages you sent to your new prospective date!

It’s been reported that Americans now send about 75 billion text messages a month and so it was a given that at some stage it would be exploited in such a way so to become a popular vehicle for conducting courtship.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Juniper Research projects the mobile dating industry will see US$1.4 billion in global revenue by 2013 from $330 million (US) in 2007. Currently it seems that in Japan mobile dating is already very popular and this is where the bulk of revenue is from at the moment.

So, Singles – if you’re good with words, and I mean really good with words – in a txt messaging fashion anyway – you’ve got a whole 160 characters to make an impression and keep the relationship or should that be intrigue going! So txt away and see where it gets you. What have you got to lose. I guess it’s no riskier to meet someone this way, than meeting someone you found on the net, or in a bar.

Next time you’re on the train getting to work, or buying your lunch or just generally waiting around – STOP WASTING TIME – strt 2 txt & find UR nu & nxt d8 hu jst myt B cloz 2 U 2!


3 responses to “Txt 4 a D8? RU 4 redi 4 it?

  1. I don’t get this phone texting… how can it work??????? You don’t evern know who you are texting – could be some toothless old man. I would much rather use the SHI Symbol at least you get to see up front who you are talking to… Good on you shi.

  2. Hmmm i’m not square but texting how can you get a decent conversation going with a faceless person. Well i’m with you girl… SHI seems like the new way to meet people. All you have to do is wear it… how cool is that… for a meeting people tool.

  3. shisymbolinternational

    Hey girls, thanks for the vote of confidence in SHI Symbol. But hey, maybe one shouldn’t knock the ‘new’ stuff until we try it – look at Online dating 10 years ago and NOW. But I get your drift – yes definitely all you have to do is wear your SHI Symbol and you can be seen or you could spot someone else with one and if you’re interested, just stop and say Hello!

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