A Personal Ad with a Difference

Finding Mr Right - Amy Borkowsky Single and the Super Bowl

Finding Mr Right - Amy Borkowsky Single and the Super Bowl

In case you missed the biggest advertising idea to come out of America in a long time, check out Amy Borkowsky’s quest to find a suitable man.

Living in Manhattan you’d think it would be easy to date and fall in love with Sex and the City and all that stuff. But…with 1 man to every 100,000 single women – I’m just glad I don’t live there.

So, what is Amy planning to do about the problem of meeting men, let alone finding the right one she’d like to be with?

What do guys love? Sport, sport and more sport. And with the Superbowl never waning for viewers or advertisers it seems, Amy plans on seeking love during prime time Superbowl early next year. I like her style.

As we all know, meeting Mr Right (or Mrs Right) is just a numbers game, so apart from meeting men in our daily lives and activities, what a great idea to put your face and maybe more, under the scrutiny of more than 60 MILLION male viewers over the age of 18 – albeit for 30 seconds at $3million (US) for the privilege!

And that’s the little catch – raising the odd $3 million especially in this economic climate. In case you feel like you’d like to assist, do check out her website at http://superbowlsinglegirl.com . If Amy isn’t successful at raising the necessary funds, or all the ad spaces are taken, all funds raised will be donated to charity.

We might just gift Amy one of our Internationally recognizable SHI Symbols so she is in the best possible position to meet guys everywhere and anywhere she goes. You just HAVE to maximise your chances in that Manhattan marketplace! And.. it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a Super Bowl Ad!


4 responses to “A Personal Ad with a Difference

  1. Don’t know where Amy got her statistics from. Mannhatten sounds like the biggest ever gold rush mining camp in history – equates to 100 women to 10 million men!!! If you can’t find a decent man there then there must be something wrong with you…. there must be a million reasons to look at yourself.

  2. Wheres my ticket i’m going to Manhatten as soon as i can – a smorgasbord of single men… got to be at least several hundred in the one hundred thousand that are somewhere near eligible.

  3. I think SHI should come to the rescue of the men in Manhatten and get them to wear SHI Symbol… and get noticed by the rare spices of single women there. I can’t believe the ratio is correct – does anyone know what the correct ratio is?

  4. shisymbolinternational

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Re the stats The Los Angeles Times had an article quoting relevant stats for the area. There’s always the US Census Data for a good picture for demographics!

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