Something to Look Forward to…

A friend sent me this excerpt from an article a while ago. Renowned Demographer/Business Advisor in Australia, Bernard Salt has identified some interesting information.

We all know we have an ageing population. Therefore, the extrapolation could be that the number of Singles and those over 60 will keep growing too.

Did you realise that when the baby boomers reach their 70s that there will be an estimated 332,000 single women and only 145,000 single men.

Great news – if you’re a guy I guess! Still I hope this is an incentive for all the guys to keep themselves fit and healthy for their 70s. Watch out girls!

Now for all of you elsewhere in the (Western) world, don’t worry – you’re stats will undoubtedly reflect the same sort of skew.

Who said it was a man’s world – we knew that all along!!!

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