At last… Singles Celebrate Not Just for a Day but a Week!

I could not believe it – Singles actually have a week of celebrations to look forward to – just because they are Single. Yes, next week September 21-28 is National USA Week. This stands for National Unmarried and Single Americans Week. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

What could we do to celebrate? Have a ‘Singles Shower’, sort of the opposite to a Bridal Shower, but with mixed company. Yes, I know there are all sorts of connotations to the Singles Shower and no it definitely doesn’t need to head in that direction, but that could make the Shower all that more interesting and memorable if that’s the way the party is headed! On the other hand, you could invite all your now married buddies and show them how the ‘other half lives’ and get paid back in presents to start the evening up of the ledger on the gift giving route. Don’t forget to give them a cocktail or two to loosen up, they may not have been out lately!

But, what I want to know is what about all the other Singles in the World – can they piggy back and join in the fun with everyone in the States.? This had better catch on. Mind you I hope it doesn’t follow the lead of Thailand with ‘Miss Spinster Thailand and proud of it’ being their celebration! Not sure if most Singles and women at that, in the Western World at least would embrace the terminology in the same way!

Take a look at this link to the site specifically set up to promote this celebration week, and you’ll find out it’s been a published event/week for many years now. How come no one really knows about it I want to know? Is it because the 100million US Singles don’t want to celebrate and have a week of acknowledgement for where they are and what they achieve as part of our society. I don’t think so! I just think that it hasn’t caught on yet and if you Google, you’ll see what I mean, there’s nothing much there AT ALL.  Well I want to change that. Please let all your friends know – Single or Married. We all know someone who knows someone who knows someone Single.

Well this is where I know I can definitely help all the Singles really celebrate in style next week. Just make sure you’re wearing your SHI Symbol that will really help you meet loads more Singles just like you. You’ll be recognized as Single, Happy and Interested and if that’s not the easiest way of meeting new people, creating new friendships, I’d like to know what the answer is. Next week is our time to capitalize – let’s do it.

I know the cocktail world will be looking for Singles in their droves – after all the Cosmopolitans are our signature drink aren’t they? Mind you I have a pretty potent one of my own I favour…


SHI Symbol for Singles - how to change your life during Singles Week


Celebrate National Unmarried and Single America Week - September 21-27

Celebrate National Unmarried and Single America Week - September 21-27

One response to “At last… Singles Celebrate Not Just for a Day but a Week!

  1. Singles Week… finally there is something for us singles to celebrate our happy status… there is mothers day, fathers day etc etc… finally singles WEEK … to get recognized. I guess there are more of us these days and i finally got my SHI Pendant… cool idea.

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