Top Ranked Cities for Singles – a MUST read


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I bet you are thinking in 1st place there’s New York and 2nd there’ll be San Francisco.  Well you’re wrong on this occasion. just conducted their annual research to bring us the 40 Best Cities for Singles and this is the criteria used to rank the 40 largest urbanized areas in mainland America in seven different categories:

  • number of singles
  • nightlife
  • culture
  • cost of living alone
  • job growth
  • online dating activity
  • and coolness – yes COOLNESS.

I would have thought ‘coolness’ would be a hard one to come up with a real definition for. But anyway, it makes for a worthwhile read and here’s the link

and by the way in case you’re in a hurry, Atlanta scored 1st overall, “because of its hopping nightlife, relatively high number of singles and sizzling job growth”. So if you feel like maximizing your chances, hop on over to Atlanta for a quick sortie. Do let us know how you go now, won’t you!

Overall San Francisco rated second thanks to it’s coolness and culture factors, but New York won the ‘cool’ bit hands down with its ‘coolometer’ reading.

I bet you can’t wait to see how your City rates and in what areas! Do check it out and if there’s a reported mass exodus from Jacksonville, Providence and  Salt Lake City, I know nothing!!!

Are you SHI tonight? If you are you’re best off trying Atlanta FIRST!


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