How to Write a Convincing Profile- 8 Easiest Ways to Catch the Attention of Potential Matches

Amongst the million and one bits and pieces of information and plethora of material that comes across my desk to do with dating, relationships, online dating and so on, every now and again, there is something quite reasonable and practical which we can all get something from.

So, just for you – do check out this little article – you’re bound to pick something up out of it and if you’re using the Online dating scene, what better way than to use what works. And just remember, when you’re ‘offline’, don’t forget to use your SHI Symbol to attract the one you want to.

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On a dating website, your profile is everything. It’s the
first thing a potential match sees and will ultimately
decide if they want to contact you. Here are some tips on
how to create a winning profile.

1.Put up as much information as you’re comfortable with

The more people know about you, the better they understand
what you’re like and what you want in a relationship. It’s
a chance to see if your personalities are compatible or if
you have similar interests. A more in-depth profile could
be the difference between a member contacting you or moving
on to the next match.

2.Put up a good, and recent, photo

You want to look your best, but putting up a photo that’s
ten years old is going to most likely disappoint your match
should you meet in person and make it difficult for them to
trust you. It’s also tempting to post a picture that has
been airbrushed or photo manipulated, but that will also be

You’ll want to use a photo that accentuates your good
features. Also, make sure that it’s just you in the photo.
Posting a photo of you posing with 10 friends will make it
difficult to pick you out from the crowd.

Updating your picture is important as well. If you’re a
natural blonde and you show up for a first date that you’ve
never met before, with your hair bright red, it can be
surprising and also confusing. If someone is looking for a
blonde then they’ll probably skip over a red head and
continue looking for their date.

3.List not only your interests, but things that you also
want to try

If you love to swing dance then put that up on your
profile. If you list other types of dance that you’d like
to try, then a member that loves to salsa might contact you
to see if you want to try some salsa dancing on Friday

However, you have to be honest about what you’d be
interested in trying. If you notice that someone you’re
interested in likes to do things outdoors, don’t edit your
profile and say that you do too if you really don’t. It
would be disappointing for your date and frustrating for
you if you ended up taking part in an activity that you

4.Be honest about what you want in a relationship

One of the worst things that can happen is when you meet
someone you like and you only find out later that you’re
not on the same page. If you state what you’re looking for
and what you’re not looking for the other members know
right up front. It’s also okay to write that you’re unsure.

5.Location, location, location

Make sure you know how far you’re willing to go for a date
and limit your matches to that. Meeting someone you like is
wonderful, but you’ll go broke if you have to drive an hour
just to go see a movie. If you’re interested in an long
distance relationship then be sure to include that in your
profile. But make sure that it’s clear to your potential
matches that the relationship will be long distance.

6.Voice intro or video

Only do this if you’re comfortable with it, don’t feel as
if you have to. If you make the video or voice recording,
speak slowly and clearly. Say something inviting that isn’t
on your profile. You don’t want to repeat what you’ve
already stated. This is a chance for a potential match to
see more than just a photo.

7.Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in your

You can type your responses in a word file before adding
them to your profile. Not bothering to spell correctly or
punctuate a sentence might make you look lazy and not
interested enough in the site to take the time to write

8.Update your profile information accordingly

It’s easy to forget about your own profile while you’re
looking at everyone else’s. Make sure that you check your
profile periodically and change anything you feel that you
need to. Sometimes it’s as simple as rewriting a paragraph
because you’ve thought of a better way to phrase what you
want to say.

Other times you need to update the content. For example, if
your profile says that you work at an insurance company,
but you then change jobs, you need to delete that section
and add where you’re currently working.

Good luck on building your profile!
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