Ideas for Meeting People

Everyday we get asked, how can I go out and meet new people – I want to meet more people to find new friends, even a date or two or possibly a long term relationship.  Well apart from the usual suggestions of go to your local gym, join a dance class, enrol in a leisure course or just walk to work so you get to pass or even meet a lot more folk, we know there are millions of other ways to also meet others.

What we need here is your input.

Please just let us know your idea for meeting some new people with a view to friendship or love and we’ll publish a list of the best tips on the blog and in our SHI Symbol Newsletter. If you want to post your idea here that’s great, alternatively if you would like to put your idea on the site, the URL is and click on Contact Us. In the comments field just put in your Idea for Meeting People.

2 responses to “Ideas for Meeting People

  1. organize an event just for singles only… that alone can help single people meet other people. 🙂

  2. shisymbolinternational

    Thanks so much for your feedback and you’re absolutely right -having Singles only events is a great way of meeting other Singles too. If you watch the SHI Symbol Website – What’s On page for Upcoming Events you will see various events that are perfect for meeting loads of other Singles. And don’t forget, the beauty of a SHI Symbol is that you can wear it wherever you go, not just to Singles events and meet that elusive Single!

    I’m not sure where you are located, if you are in the USA, as SHI Symbol has only just been released there via the US Website, we are currently looking to appoint major Distributors who will take SHI and really make it happen for Singles. Then you will really see more and more events being advertised on the websites, blogs and myspace pages.

    As they say, watch this space and more will be revealed!

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